Where to find Tarana in Fornite Chapter 2 Season 6 – Spire Challenges

Oh where art thou, Tarana?

Image via Gamepur

The Spire Challenges are live in Fortnite, giving us all something to do before the weekly challenges kick off later today. The first challenge is to find Tarana, one of the new NPCs this season.

Tarana is located in Boney Burbs, and can be found wandering around the area there, normally near the center of the village.

You will need to be very careful, as the area if filled with players for these challenges right now. Make sure you drop straight in from the battle bus and interact with Tarana straight away. Then run for the hills.

You will be able to see where she is as you drop in thanks to the speech bubble that will appear when you get closer to Boney Burbs. Boney Burbs is normally a pretty good place to drop, as it has plenty of loot, and you can easily hit full shields here before going to explore the rest of the map.

It is an absolutely murder pit right now, however, so be extremely careful when you land or it will be a very short match.

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