How to use spells and incantations in Elden Ring

Equip Ranni’s Dark Moon to freeze your worst enemies.

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While many players love Souls’ games classic katanas and hammers, spells and incantations have become popular weapons in Elden Ring. You can cast spectral arrows, spew rotted breath, and even boost your vitality. Whatever style of gameplay you prefer, there’s often a spell or incantation out there to improve your combat prowess. That said, using this magic isn’t always straightforward, so let’s break down how to use your spells and incantations effectively.

How to cast spells and incantations in Elden Ring

Throughout Elden Ring, you pick up dozens of spells and incantations along the way. Unlike melee or ranged weapons, though, it does take a few more steps to equip and use this magic. For example, equipping seals and wands is the only way to use the best sorceries in the game.


In Elden Ring, you cannot cast incantations without a Finger Seal. Luckily, the game doesn’t make getting one all too hard. If you start the Confessor or Prophet classes, you begin with one in your inventory. Otherwise, you can buy a Finger Seal for 800 runes from the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. All other seals, like the Frenzied Flame Seal, are further into the game and will take more work.

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In the case of Elden Ring’s spells and sorceries, the casting is a little different. Instead of a seal, you need a wand. Wands and staffs are a little harder to find than Finger Seals. Only the Astrologer class begins with a wand. If you don’t pick Astrologer, you have to try to farm places like the Demi-Human Forest Ruins which have a chance to drop one of the earliest magic weapons.

How to equip spells or incantations in Elden Ring

When you want to try using spells and incantations, you need to go into your equipment menu and equip a seal or wand. For a seal, you’ll likely prefer putting it in your off-hand weapon slot. It will allow you more versatility with magic. A wand will otherwise be your main weapon. It does a lot more magic damage but doesn’t have the same physical prowess as swords and hammers.

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Then, when you’re ready to use magic, press the upward arrow on your D-Pad to toggle the spell or incantation you wish to use. Press RB, or your console’s equivalent, to cast it. Depending on if your spell is a stat-boosting or an active attack, you’ll do that before or during combat.

Where to find spells and incantations in Elden Ring

Sorceries and incantations can be found throughout Elden Ring. Some can be found in puzzle towers, hidden in treasure chests or on corpses, gifted after boss fights, or even bought from NPCS. If you want to know which NPCs have the best goods, look to the game’s top spellcasters or clergy: