Metroid Dread breakable blocks guide – what every block type means

Samus is a regular wrecking ball with all these blocks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you explore Planet ZDR in Metroid Dread, you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles. These include powerful fans that push you back and solid ice that blocks your path. Most commonly, you’ll encounter breakable blocks. There are several varieties of blocks in the game, and you’ll need to use lots of Samus Aran’s weapons and items to get past them.

Note that the majority of blocks respawn after a moment. Often you’ll need to quickly or methodically destroy them to proceed. Here you’ll find a list of every block type and exactly what you need to do to get past them.

Beam Blocks

These are the most common block type, and you can destroy them from the moment you start the game. They are marked by glowing white circles, and any attack, including a basic shot from your arm cannon, will do the trick.

Missile Blocks

Missile Blocks can also be destroyed from the start of the game, as Samus starts the adventure with Missiles – though you’re still going to want to track down plenty of Missile Tanks to increase her ammo count. Missile Blocks are red and have an image of a Missile on the front; shoot them with one of your own to destroy them.

Bomb Blocks

Bomb Blocks, as the name implies, can be destroyed with Bombs. Tuck into your Morph Ball form and drop one to clear the way. You’ll usually find these inside narrow tunnels. Cross Bombs can be used to destroy vertical and horizontal lines of these blocks.

Grapple Beam Blocks

Grapple Beam Blocks are a different shape from all the others: they’re long rectangles instead of squares, and they’re marked by glowing blue triangles. Use your Grapple Beam ability to yank them out of the way, discarding them permanently. This will often open a shortcut between previously accessed rooms.

Speed Booster Blocks

These are the trickiest of all blocks. Marked by a yellow color and a chevron, they’re usually part of Metroid’s infamous Speed Booster puzzles. The method of clearing them is simple enough: sprint at full tilt with the Speed Booster, and you’ll crash right through. A Shinespark jump will also rocket you past them. Clear just one, and the whole set will be removed from the map for good. The trick is figuring out how to reach and maintain top speed until you can make contact.

Screw Attack Blocks

The Screw Attack is one of the most fun abilities in the game, letting you flip through the air, damaging anything you come into contact with. This includes Screw Attack Blocks, which are blue with a stylized letter “S” on the front. Spin right into them to momentarily clear the way.

Power Bomb Blocks

The most resilient of all are Power Bomb Blocks, with an orange tint and Power Bomb symbol on the front (it almost looks like a small mouth with top and bottom fangs). Deploy a Power Bomb to destroy all of these blocks in the vicinity – the blast will vaporize enemies and any standard Bomb and Beam Blocks in the area as well.

Pitfall Blocks

We saved this type for last as it works differently from all the others. Pitfall Blocks, marked by gray cracks, can’t be destroyed with weapons. Instead, they crumble away as soon as you stand on them, respawning to trap you below right after. They’re often used as one-way passages in vertical shafts, but you may also find yourself having to avoid them to reach collectibles like Energy Tanks or Power Bomb Tanks.