Spider-Man PS4 Wiki: Walkthrough, Suits And Mods, Gadgets, Skills, Tips, & More

 Spider-Man PS4 Wiki: Walkthrough, Suits And Mods, Gadgets, Skills, Tips, & More

Marvel’s Spider-Man brings a massive open-world of modern New York city where the friendly neighborhood superhero is free to do many things. He is not only a savior but also a geek, in this game, you will be playing some part as nerdy Peter Parker and a lot with Spider-Man geared up in the latest suit powered by next-gen tech. Crafting, movements, suit upgrades, etc is also a major part of the game, by finding Tokens and Substances you can create the best mods to build a next level suit. In this wiki guide, you will find the full game walkthrough, collectibles, tips and tricks and much more.

Spider-Man PS4 Wiki

Spider-Man Wiki

The game is divided into multiple missions, at the initial stages, you will be mostly playing the tutorials to understand the character movements, action and learning how to reveal map locations. Below is the list of missions and interlinked with their walkthrough.


  • Clearing The Way – The first mission is all about learning how to control Spider-Man, the swing, web attacks and entering Fisk Tower.
  • The Main Event – In this second mission you will be facing the first boss Wilson Fist – The Kingpin. You have to stop him and his guards.
  • My Other Job – After playing as Spider-Man you will control Peter Parker and play some really basic mini-games in a Lab.
  • Keeping The Peace – Back as Spider-Man, you will be helping Yuri in restoring the Surveillance Antennas and fighting crime in the city.
  • Something New, Something Old – Once again you will play as Peter Parker at the lab and unlock the Suit section of the game.
  • Fisk Hideout – A small mission where you will be fighting with Fisk’s Men at a construction site, get some gear upgrades and meet Aunt May in the end.
  • Don’t Touch The Art – You will play as Spider-Man and Mary Jane in this mission who are both at an auction room investigating on Daemons.
  • Financial Shock – In this mission, you will fight with Shocker, he is a tough boss. In this guide, you can find tips on defeating him.
  • Wheels Within Wheels – At the shipyard, you have to fight with a lot of Fisk’s men and solve a Junction box puzzle with a cop.
  • Home Sweet Home & Straw, Meet Camel – There are two missions in this guide, in the first, you will meet Aunt May and in the second you will fight with a group of Daemons.
  • And The Award Goes To, Dual Purpose – In the first mission And The Award Goes To you will play as Miles, son of an officer and in the second one Dual Purpose you will search evidence on Martin Li.
  • Hidden Agenda – You will play as Peter Parker and visit Martin Li’s office to find evidence.
  • Dinner Date, Up The Water Spout – In Dinner Date you will just meet MJ there will be a lot of cutscenes, and in next The Water Spout, you will have to save Charles Standish.
  • What’s In The Box, Back To School – After getting a call from the mysterious man you will have to locate a Recon Box and disable three bombs in the What In The Box Mission. Next, in Back To School, you will search Dr. Delany.
  • Spider-Hack, Uninvited – First you will be going to Oscorp and sneaking into Norman’s office, in the next mission you will play as Mary Jane who is trying to get info from Standish at Sabel base.
  • Strong Connection, Collision Course – In this two missions you will be playing at Lab as parker and then you will face Martin Li in the second.
  • One That Got Away – In this main mission, you will play as MJ who is at Grand Center saving hostages and defusing Bomb.
  • Out Of the Frying Pan – There are three missions in this walkthrough, in the last one you have to fight escaping prisoners and save the city.
  • Into The Fire, Picking Up The Trail – In the first mission you will have to save some police station and in the second one you will fight with Elector and Vulture.
  • Streets Of Poison – You will be facing Scorpion in this mission, after getting poisoned you will have to find a cure to get out of it.
  • Supply Run, Heavy Hitter – There are two missions in this part of Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough. In Supply Run you will play as Miles while in the second one you will fight with Rhino and Scorpion.
  • Step Into My Parlor – You will play as Mary Jane in this part of the game, who is investigating the location of a secret lab in Norman’s penthouse.
  • The Heart of the Matter – This one is the second last mission where you will face Martin Li as the main boss and fight with a massive Daemon.
  • Pax In Bello – In this Ending mission of Spider-Man, you will fight with Dr.Octavius who is gone crazy over destroying the city.

The Heist DLC Walkthrough & Guides

  • The Maria – The first mission of The Heist DLC where you will be stopping a robbery at a museum and meet Black Cat for the first time.
  • Long Lost Loot & Like Old Times – After the museum, you will have to disable some bombs in the next mission and then meet a detective who will tell you about a lost art. In the last mission Like Old Times, you will learn about Black Cat’s looting intention
  • Something Screwy, Trail of the Cat & Newsflash – In the first mission Something Screwy you will unlock Screwball challenge. In the next one Trail of the Cat you will trace down Black Cat and in the last one you will play as MJ and investigate a storage company.
  • Cover for the Cat & Follow The Money – In these two final missions you will be assisting Black Cat and help her to find her kidnapped kid that will lead to the climax of this first free DLC.
  • Unlock The Heist DLC 3 New Suits – There are three new suits available in the free DLC, refer the guide to find a way to unlock these all.

Collectibles Locations & How To Guides

In this section, you will get all the guides that will offer you details on various collectibles in the game. There are also How To guides that will offer you valuable tips on the game.

Trophies Guide

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