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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Mountain Ascent Collectibles & Where to Find Them

The Mountain Ascent has multiple collectibles for you to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and this guide makes it simple to find them all.

The collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will take you all over the map, and you’ll need to cover multiple unique locations to find every unique item in the game. These collectibles are scattered across the regions, big and small, especially on the main planet, Koboh.

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One of the locations you’ll eventually be able to visit is the Mountain Ascent, one of the final areas you’ll unlock as you work your way through the main story. This guide covers where to find all Mountain Ascent collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find Every Mountain Ascent Collectible in Jedi: Survivor

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There are 18 Collectibles for you to track down in the Mountain Ascent in Jedi: Survivor. This is one of the medium-sized regions you can find on Koboh, much smaller than the Derelict Dam or the Southern Reach but larger than the Boiling Bluffs or the Sodden Grotto. Many of the Mountain Ascent locations are cut off until you unlock more abilities by completing the main story.

I had the chance to explore this area early in the campaign because it connects to the Foothill Falls region, but the large green shield blocked it. This area is mainly barred by story progression in Jedi: Survivor and I found it easier to check out everything here once the game took me here, naturally, with the campaign.

You find four categories of collectibles in the Mountain Ascent region for Jedi: Survivor. You will find: Chests, Databank Entires, Seed Pods, and Treasures.

All Mountain Ascent Chest Locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are six Chests for you to track down in the Mountain Ascent in Jedi: Survivor.

Chest LocationChest CollectionDescriptionReward
Chest Location 1The first Chest you can find well before you unlock Merrin’s Charm, giving you access to go through Green Shield Doors. You can speak with the Stormtroopers guarding this gate, and trick them into lowering the shield and you can then slice the terminal.BD-1 Ability: Slice Security Droids
Chest Location 2You can find this Chest above the Military Checkpoint in the Mountain Ascent. You’ll need to use Force Run to jump across the walls and reach the top ledge. There is a container you can open only if you can use the Force Lift and Force Slam abilities.BD-1 Audio Sensors – Scrapyard
Chest Location 3For this Chest, make your way through the Security Checkpoint, and take a left. You’ll find a pool of water that you can swim through, and at the bottom is where you can find this Chest.Cal’s Light Mustache and Patch facial hair
Chest Location 4There will be a Chest in the large pool of water on the right pathway to the Security Checkpoint. This is a lower area where you’ll find Skoova Stev.Bomber Pants Material Colors
Chest Location 5There is a Chest inside a Shiverpede cave. You can find this cave by going to the left after using a grappling hook to reach a running wall and then using the Force Lift ability to open a door. The Chest is in the back of the cave.Cal’s Mustache and Patch facial hair
Chest Location 6The final Chest is deeper in the Mountain Ascent region, close to the end of this area. You’ll find it below a cliff, next to a downed Tie-Fighter. You will need to use the Force Lift and Force Slam abilities to open the Chest.Drifter Jacket Material Colors

All Mountain Ascent Databank Locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are four Databank entries for you to find in the Mountain Ascent region of Jedi: Survivor.

Databank LocationDatabank CollectionDescription
Databank Location 1You can find the first Databank entry to the left of the Meditation Point for the Mountain Ascent region. It will be in the form of a Force Echo.
Databank Location 2In the hills, the next Databank location will be above the first one. It will be a house that BD-1 can scan in the hills.
Databank Location 3Deeper in the Mountain Ascent region, there’s a small cave beyond the location where you use a grapple to reach a running wall and face off against several Shiverpedes. You’ll need to use the Force Lift ability to open the doors and then jump inside, where you’ll face off against more Shiverpedes, and then BD-1 will want to scan their nest.
Databank Location 4The last Databank location will be deeper in the valley, close to the end of the Mountain Ascent. You can find it as a Force Echo next to the downed Tie-Fighter.

All Mountain Ascent Seed Pod Locations in Jedi: Survivor

You can find four Seed Pods in the Mountain Ascent of Jedi: Survivor.

Seed Pod LocationSeed Pod CollectionDescription
Seed Pod Location 1These Seed Pods are above the rafters, overlooking the security checkpoint. You can get to this Seed Pod by dropping down from the hills above this location.
Seed Pod Location 2There will be a small Seed Pod that you can find below the pools, which is left of the Security Checkpoint. You can jump down the cliffs to grab them.
Seed Pod Location 3There will be another set of Seed Pods in the lower water area of the Mountain Ascent region. You can reach this by going to the right of the Security Checkpoint and jumping down.
Seed Pod Location 4You can find these Seed Pods in the final arena, with the large Bilemaws protecting the exit. It will be on the left side of this area.

All Mountain Ascent Treasure Locations in Jedi: Survivor

The Mountain Ascent has four treasures you can find in Jedi: Survivor.

Treasure LocationTreasure CollectionDescriptionReward
Treasure Location 1There will be a Treasure you can find on a dead body on the lower cliffs. You can reach this cliff by going to the left pathway of the Security Checkpoint and jumping down the cliffs to the left of the pool of water.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 2After you hit the grapple point and jump across the ravine to make it to the second part of the area, turn around and go up again to reach the second level of the Mountain Ascent. There should be a small passageway across from this area where you can enter a small cave, and find another Treasure.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 3You can find this Treasure deeper in the Mountain Ascent, closer to the end of the area. It will be in the watery arena with the Bilemaws, and you can find it on the left side. It is underneath some rubble, which requires you to use the Force Lift ability.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 4The final Treasure will be at the end of the Mountain Ascent. You can find it above the watery arena, where you found the previous Treasure, on a platform that requires you to use a grappling hook to reach it.Priorite Shard

And that’s it! Check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below so you don’t miss any hidden secrets on your journey.

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