Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotactics – Mechanics, All Opponents & Rewards

The Holotactics table is a mini-game in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and there are several opponents and rewards you can earn for playing it.

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The Holotactics table in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a mini-game you can unlock and start playing in Pyloon’s Saloon. It’s a great way to take a break from the game and enjoy some fun with the other patrons in the bar.

There’s a lot to take in with Holotactics, such as some unique mechanics, finding opponents for the table, and earning rewards. This guide covers all Holotactics Mechanicsevery opponent you can find, and the rewards they give you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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How to Get Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

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Before you can worry about the tactics of playing Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor, it’s essential to unlock. You’ll be able to start playing it when you meet Bhima and Tulli during the Locate the Odd Pair in the Boiling Bluffs on Koboh. This is a location you can explore close to the Southern Reach. After you find them, they will appear at Pyloon’s Saloon, on the second floor, and you can begin playing Holotactics.

Although you can start playing Holotactics early, we recommend against playing it immediately. Many of the better characters you can unlock for this game mode will appear as you progress the story, and it’s all tied to how many enemies you scan. By the end of the Jedi: Survivor campaign, you’ll have scanned all types of enemies at least once, and you can use them at the Holotactics table.

All Holotactics Mechanics in Jedi: Survivor

At its core, Holotactics is an auto-battler where you and your opponent select NPCs to battle it out on the table. These are going to be NPCs you encounter while playing Jedi: Survivor. Every time you defeat a new opponent in Jedi: Survivor, BD-1 has the chance to scan them, and you can begin using them at the Holotactics table.

Because scanning opponents are tied to the Holotactics table, it’s a good idea to play through the entire Jedi: Survivor campaign and scan every opponent. This will give you the best options, and you can use all the NPCs you’ve found against the more formidable opponents at the Holotactics table.

When playing and you choose an opponent, you will need to defeat them in a wave-based battle, and you can see what enemies they’re going to use against you. Each wave has a set amount of Battle Points that you can use to choose a specific opponent.

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You receive more points as you progress to fight the more difficult opponents. For example, when playing against Turgle, you have Six Battle Points to use against the first wave, and when you fight against Merrin, you have 25 Battle Points to use in the first wave. When you complete all the waves against an opponent, you’ll be the winner and gain their reward.

How to Beat All Opponents & Rewards in Jedi: Survivor

There are Eight Holotactics players for you to battle against. You will fight against Turgle, Greez, Tulakt, Merrin, Caij, Skoova, T-1N8, and Tulli.

How to beat Turgle at Holotactics — Reward: Priorite Shard

Turgle is the easiest opponent at Holotactics. He has two waves of combat. You only have six battle points for the first wave, and we recommend using them on one of the Purge Troopers. You will have at least 12 Battle Points and whatever carries from the first round. For this one, we’d recommend using a Dark Trooper. When you beat Turgle, he will reward you with Priorite Shard.

How to beat Greez at Holotactics

The next opponent you can play against is Greez. He’s available throughout the entire game of Jedi: Survivor. You will need to beat Greez in three waves of battle. For the first wave, you will have 16 points. Again, we recommend having multiple NPCs rather than using a single, powerful choice, such as multiple Purge Troopers.

You will have 18 Battle Points in the second round, and there will be Melee and Ranged opponents. The next choice will be a Dark Trooper and several Purge Troopers. Finally, in the third round, you’ll receive 16 Battle Points. Again, the combination of Purge Trooper and Dark Trooper should always work for the final battle. When you beat Greez, you’ll receive the Pilot’s Jacket appearance item in Jedi: Survivor.

How to beat Tulakt at Holotactics in Jed: Survivor

Tulakt is the third opponent in Holotactics and appears as you progress through the story of Jedi: Survivor. You will need to beat them in three rounds. The first round gives you 16 Battle Points, and you’ll fight ranged opponents. For our game, we won using a pair of Magnaguards.

In the second round, there are 18 Battle Points for you to use, and you’ll fight against a mixture of ranged and melee opponents. Again, we recommend using the Magnaguards. The final round gives you 16 Battle Points and is much more challenging than the previous one. We recommend using the Hammer and Missle Darktrooper and then fill out the roster with Purge Troopers. Finally, when you beat Tulakt, she rewards you with the Anodized Metal paints in Jedi: Survivor.

How to beat Merrin at Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

The opponent, Merrin, will appear when she agrees to return to Pyloon’s Saloon and unlocks as you progress through the Jedi: Survivor story. You will need to beat her in three waves.

The first wave gives you 25 Battle Points. We recommend using a Dark Trooper and a handful of smaller ranged units to back it up. In the next round, you’ll be given 26 Battle Points. Like the previous battle, you’ll want heavier units, such as a Dark Trooper and some Rocket Troopers.

The final round will be extremely tough. You’ll be given 30 Battle Points, and you’ll be facing off against a Skriton. We recommend some heavy and ranged units to back them up, such as the previous combination with Dark Troopers and Rocket Troopers that can do severe single-target damage. When you beat Merrin, she rewards you with a Jedi Ancient Scroll.

How to beat Caij at Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

Caij is another opponent that can appear in Holotactics Roster, and you can get them after you find them out in the Stone Spires and unlock the Bounty Hunters. You will need to beat Caij in three waves.

You will receive 28 points. We recommend using characters that close the distance fast, so Magnaguards or Purge Troopers would be a good idea for this battle. In the second round, you’ll get 18 Battle Points. You’ll need a similar strategy with a ranged NPC that can do some decent damage.

The final battle will give you 25 Battle Points. You’ll be facing a pair of Magnaguards and a Purge Trooper Commander. We’d recommend a heavy Melee attacker and some decent ranged fighters to take out that Commander. Finally, when you beat Caij, she’ll give you a Bounty Puck in Jedi: Survivor.

How to beat Skoova at Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

Skoova is another opponent that you can get at the Holotactics table. You can unlock him, finding him out in the wild. You will need to defeat him in four rounds.

The first round will give you 28 Battle Points. We recommend opponents that blast through the Scout Trooper shields and deal with the heavy assault Troopers. In round two, you’ll receive 22 Battle Points, and you’ll want to use fast NPCs that can close the distance, such as the Magnaguards or BX Commandoes in Jedi: Survivor.

For round three, you’ll get 24 Battle Points. We recommend a Rocket Trooper to take out the Bilemaw and then Melee units to defeat the Purge Troopers. Finally, for round four, you’ll receive 22 Battle Points. There’s a good mixture of opponents here, and we’d recommend something that can take out Droideka’s shields extremely fast. When you beat Skoova, you’ll receive Cal’s Mustache appearance item in Jedi: Survivor.

How to beat T-1N8 at Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

T-1N8 is one of the final opponents you can face off against in Holotactics. They can appear if you seek them out in the Abandoned Shack in Jedi: Survivor.

The first round will have you using 16 Battle Points to take down a Gorocco. We recommend using Rocket Troopers and a Dark Trooper. Round two gives you 26 Battle Points to fight a Gorocco and a Bilemaw. Like the last round, rocket troopers and a Dark Trooper should do the trick.

You’ll get 30 Battle Points for round three to fight against a Sutaban Alpha and a Droideka. You’ll want to overwhelm your opponents, so smaller units with heavy hits will do the trick. Finally, round four gives you 26 Battle Points to take out a handful of units. When you defeat T-1N8, you’ll receive a Datadisk in Jedi: Survivor.

How to beat Tulli at Holotactics in Jedi: Survivor

The final opponent you have to fight against is Tulli. You’ll need to beat them in four rounds in Jedi: Survivor.

You’ll get 25 Battle Points to take out multiple Imperial units for the first round. In the second, you’ll get 45 Battle Points to take on even more Imperial units, and you’ll want to use Droidekas to hold the hand and other melee units to overwhelm them.

Now, for round three, you’ll get 50 Battle Points to use against several Bedlam Raider units, and you can overwhelm with Galactic Empire or Droidekas. These characters are primarily melee. The final round will give you 30 Battle Points to fight against an AT-ST. You’ll want to be careful about your choices and find a way to fight this opponent from a distance and up-close in Jedi: Survivor.

After you beat Tulli, you’ll receive a Skill Point as a reward.

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