Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Solve Alignment Control Center Screen Puzzle

There are several computers in the Alignment Control Center, and they contain a secret in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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The Alignment Control Center is a large facility location you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It’s a central area that you can visit while exploring Koboh, and it has deep connections with the Jedi from the High Republic while they were operating out of this area.

When you first arrive at the Alignment Control Center, there are several computer screens in the main room, next to the Meditation point. These computers are critical to a specific puzzle that you can solve, but it’s a bit of a troubling mystery. It has to do with the High Republic Chambers throughout Koboh. Here’s what you need to know about how to solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to use the Alignment Control Center in Jedi: Survivor

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The computers in the Alignment Control Center have everything to do with the High Republic Chambers that appear on Koboh. The only way to activate and complete the High Republic Chambers scattered throughout the planet, and you’ll find them in different locations in Jedi: Survivor.

When you complete a High Republic chamber, these computers turn from red to green, essentially turning on. You’re activating them across Koboh, which serves as a series of tests from the late High Republic Jedi, Santari Khri. She was around when Dagan Gera was in the High Republic and was a Jedi, a character created for Jedi: Survivor’s main story.

You do stumble on the first High Republic Chamber through the main story when you initially rescue Zee, trapped underneath Rambler’s Reach Outpost in the Chamber of Duality, close to the start of Jedi: Survivor.

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The best way to find these High Republic Chambers is to speak with Toa. You can find her out in the wild while exploring the Basalt Forest, and she’ll tell you about the first High Republic location you can find, the Chamber of Reason. You can complete it then or return to it later during your Jedi: Survivor playthrough.

Regardless of your choice, Toa will return to Pyloon’s Saloon, and you can speak with her every so often, and she’ll tell you about a new High Republic chamber she’s discovered. Make sure to talk to her every so often, and she’ll track down more for you as you complete the main story in Jedi: Survivor.

What Do You Get for Solving the Alignment Control Center Puzzle in Jedi: Survivor?

There is a reward you get when you complete this puzzle. After each of the High Republic Chambers has been completed, return to the Alignment Control Center Meditation point, and each computer should now be green.

You can now turn around at the single terminal next to the Meditation Point. Interact with it, and you’ll receive the reward Map Upgrade: Upgrades, where you can now see any unfound upgrade on your Holomap. This is a great way to track down any missing collection items you might not have discovered yet during your Jedi: Survivor campaign.

These will appear on your holo-map, making it easy to track them all down. It’s not a requirement to activate the Alignment Control Center in Jedi: Survivor to find them all, but it makes it much easier if you’re stuck on a few of them during your playthrough.

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