Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Get Chamber of Reason Chest

The Chamber of Reason chest is a difficult to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and this walkthrough guide shows you how to get it.

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There are several High Republic Jedi chambers scattered throughout your playthrough of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These chambers are full of puzzles for you to complete, and they have a handful of collectibles you need to track down to complete your search through the entire region. The Chamber of Reason is one of the earlier chambers you can find.

There’s a tricky chest collectible inside the Chamber of Reason that is particularly challenging to access, and we had a lot of trouble trying to figure it out. This walkthrough shows you how to get the Chamber of Reason chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Where to Unlock The Chamber of Reason Chest in Jedi: Survivor – Walkthrough

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You can find the chest on the third floor of the Chamber of Reason on Koboh. Although you can see its location, trying to figure out a way to access it is much more difficult. A doorway blocks it, and there’s no direct switch to lower these doors.

The way you get to the chest is by first completing the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor. It’s crucial you reach the end of the puzzle and unlock the Force Essence at the end. Now, having completed it, grabbing this chest should be much easier.

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The way you go about this is Force Pull on the orb that you were using at the beginning. You do this while you’re standing on the top floor at the end, overlooking where you started. Bring the orb to you, and then walk it across the final bridge, back towards the elevator. Put your orb into the elevator conduit, and this will activate the bridge.

Now, turn around and return to face the bridge taking your exit, but do not cross to where you completed the Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason. Instead, use Force Pull and bring the orb to you. You can now walk onto the middle of the currently activated bridge and face the large hole overlooking the chest. Use Force Push to throw the orb, which should land on the conduit.

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This will open the door, and you can now jump over to claim the chest, which will have a lightsaber appearance item you can add to your collection, the Diligence Lightsaber Emitter. Then, you can head over to any Jedi: Survivor workbench to put it on your saber.

And that’s it! Check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below so you don’t miss any hidden secrets on your journey.

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