Tears of the Kingdom – How To Complete Karahatag Shrine

Here’s how to complete Karahatag Shrine in the Gerudo Desert’s South Oasis and get an extra Light of Blessing.

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Tears of the Kingdom’s shrines pack some mind-boggling puzzles. Though they can be hard to understand, most will gradually teach players the mechanic they need to learn to solve the shrine’s puzzles and get to the final room. However, one might argue that Karahatag Shrine throws the teaching part of the window and jumps right into the mind-boggling bit. This guide will help you find and solve Karahatag Shrine to earn that extra Light of Blessing effortlessly.

ToK: How to Find Karahatag Shrine

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Karahatag Shrine is located in the Gerudo Desert. To reach it, fast-travel to the shrine in Gerudo Town, Sryotanog Shrine. Then, head southwest until you reach this shrine. It’s best to try to complete this shrine once the sandstorm has been cleared. 

ToK: How to Solve Drifting Flame

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Karahatag Shrine, also called Drifting Flame, will test players’ ability to use the elements in their environment and their mastery of Link’s Recall ability.

In the first room, there’s a flame pillar, a torch, and an unlit pillar hanging upside down.

  1. Grab the torch on the floor, equip it, and swing it by the flame pillar to light it up. 
  2. Press R to throw the lit torch toward the unlit pillar hanging from the ceiling. 
  3. Once it catches the flame, the gate will open.

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The second room has a triggering device right in front of the entrance. When triggered, the three upside-down containers before you reveal three unlit pillars within. Just like before, the objective is to light them up. However, lighting them up is a bit more complicated since they return to hiding when you step off the triggering device.

  1. Near the closed gate that blocks the entrance to the final statue, there is a flame pillar to use. Grab it with Ultrahand and take it for a ride to the area with the unlit pillars. 
  2. Place the flame pillar under all three unlit pillars one by one and lift them as if you were lighting them up.
  3. Once you’ve done this process with all three, head back to the triggering device and step on it. 
  4. Use Recall to make the flame pillars restart their path. But now, since you are standing on the triggering device, the unlit pillars will light up.

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