Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete the Mayam Shrine

The Mayam Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom requires players to transport a green crystal. Here is a solution to the shrine puzzle.


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The Mayam Shrine is one of the many shrines for players to find and complete in Tears of the Kingdom. Doing so will reward players with Light’s Blessing, an important item used to upgrade your health and stamina and make your adventures a little bit easier.

The Mayam Shrine is a shrine quest you will come across while exploring the Sky Island maps of Hyrule, and requires a bit of work involving a miniboss and traveling between Sky Islands to complete.

In this guide, we’ll go over all the details on how to complete the Mayan Shrine in TotK, including its location and a step-by-step on what you need to do.

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Where to Find the Mayam Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Mayam Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is located in the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago, on the small Sky Island found towards the top of the area which resembles the shape of a cross.

To get to this Shrine, you’ll want to find the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, located above the Great Hyrule Forest, and use the tower to launch into the sky. You’ll need to fix the tower by removing a Zonai block covering the top. Once you have done this and are in the air, turn around, and you’ll see a small collection of Sky Islands you can glide to. Here you’ll find the Shrine and a Zonai Dispenser to pick up some more Zonai Devices.

How to Complete the Mayam Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Mayam Shrine is a shrine requires players to find a green crystal and return it to the Shrine location. Thankfully, instead of searching aimlessly, you will have a green laser-like line connecting the Shrine to the crystal, making locating it much easier. In this case, the crystal can be found on a Sky Island just below the one you will find the Shrine on.

Unfortunately, the crystal is attached to a Flux Construct I that you’ll need to deal with. If you haven’t fought one of these minibosses before, you’ll need to use Ultrahand to grab the green cube somewhere on its body, pull it out, and make the construct fall apart. Once that’s done, find and attack the green cube before it reforms, and repeat this process until it is defeated and you can grab the crystal.

After beating the Flux Construct, take the crystal toward the north of Sky Island. Here you will find floating Zonai blocks and some spare rockets scattered around. You’ll want to attach these rockets and the crystal to the Zonai block and launch it toward the Sky Island above you, where the Shrine is located. Make sure you are on the Zonai block first before you send it flying.

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Depending on how far you travel or raise yourself, you may need to use some additional fans or a glider to reach the Sky Island. In my case, I used a glider and attached the crystal to the back of it, and glided the last part of the journey.

Once you are back on the top Sky Island, take the crystal to the Shrine location, and you will restore and unlock the Shrine. Now you can enter inside, grab the chest, which will reward you a Magic Rod, and get your Light’s Blessing before heading off to your next adventure.

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