Tears of the Kingdom – All Zonai Devices & All Uses

Make the most of Zonai Devices by understanding what they are and how they work in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces new cultures, items, and lore to the Zelda universe. Among the new concepts players need to grapple with in Link’s latest adventure is Zonai Devices. These are ancient pieces of technology that can be used to craft vehicles for traversing every part of Hyrule. This guide outlines every Zonai Device and what they do so players understand their uses in a pinch, and all they have to hand are logs, twigs, and rocks.

** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

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Players will collect many Zonai Devices from around Hyrule or from Zonai Device Dispensers as they explore in Tears of the Kingdom. Each one has multiple uses, such as a booster rocket that can create a vehicle or be used as a jetpack. It’s difficult to know every use for each one, which is why we’ve broken them down by device and their uses.


All Zonai Devices & What to Do With Them in Tears of the Kingdom

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In the table below, we’ve listed every Zonai Device in Tears of the Kingdom. Players should check each table for the various combinations underneath this table for vehicles and useful items that can be made in case there’s a creative solution to a puzzle or encounter they’re butting heads with.

Zonai DeviceWhat it Does
Zonai Charge
The most important Zonai Device. It powers all other Zonai Devices. The more that are attached to the Zonai Devices in use, the longer those devices can be used.
Crystallized Charge
Used for Energy Cell improvement.
Flame Emitter
This Zonai Device shoots out flames and can be used to heat things up, or cause an updraft of hot air for vehicles such as a hot air balloon.
Portable Pot
Using this Zonai Device, Link can cook up a storm anywhere in the world.
This is a basic minecart to which other Zonai Devices can be attached, helping Link traverse any caves.
BalloonThe Balloon can be filled with hot air to make a platform soar into the sky. Fans can then be used push this vehicle forward, allowing Link to travel across the sky.
Booster RocketA source of propulsion that creates a force and moves an object in the direction it’s facing. For example, it will make Link soar into the sky when Fused to a shield or move a vehicle forward when Fused to the back of it.
Big WheelA large wheel that is made for moving. This device can cut through objects and even other smaller Zonai Devices.
Creates a gust of air that continuously exerts a force on the object it’s attached to. When Fused to the back of a vehicle such as a boat, the vehicle will move forward until the power has been depleted.
Small WheelA small wheel that can travel quickly but can’t handle bumps, scrapes, or any sort of damage very well. Best used for vehicles that will travel across flat surfaces.
Steering StickAttach this to a vehicle, and it’ll control where it goes. It controls the direction of all the other Zonai Devices it’s attached to, so any vehicle a player builds can be directed using a Steering Stick.
The Wing is a glider base that Link can Fuse Fans or other propulsion devices to. Even getting it out in the air while paragliding can allow Link to soar through the sky without using energy or stamina.

All Zonai Device Combinations in TotK

A Korok strapped to a rocket in Tears of the Kingdom
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In the following tables, we’ve listed every useful combination of Zonai Devices players have found in Tears of the Kingdom. Many of these will help others solve puzzles quickly, so they’re worth scanning through. We haven’t made a table for the Battery because it’s used to power other devices and doesn’t function on its own.

Rocket Device examples in TotK

The following table outlines a few examples of what players can create with the Rocket Device, including combinations with other Zonai Devices or materials that can be created using the Ultrahand power.

Combination NameItems RequiredWhat it Does
Jetpack1 Rocket Fused with a shieldLink can activate the Rocket to fly into the air. Deactivate the Jetpack and use the Glider to soar into inaccessible areas.
Boat1 Fan attached to a raftLink can attach some logs together and use a fan to create a boat that will carry him across the water. The same can be achieved without using a Zonai Device if Link uses a sail.
Powered Minecart1 Fan attached to a minecartLink can travel along minecart tracks by adding some power to a minecart with a Fan.

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