Tears of the Kingdom – How to Respec and Swap Hearts and Stamina

We’ll cover how to respec your hearts and stamina in Tears of the Kingdom in this guide.

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Hearts and stamina will be critical to completing your first playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Without hearts, almost anything in the game will kill in one shot, and without stamina, you’ll quickly fall out of the sky or be unable to run or climb the moment you need it.

You can upgrade both stats to your own liking, but if you want to make any changes later on down the line you can also respec, swapping hearts for stamina and vice versa. In this guide, we’ll cover how to do just that.

Where to Respec in Tears of the Kingdom

To respec and swap how many hearts and how much stamina you have, you need to first complete one of the game’s Sage Dungeons: the Temples of Wind, Lightning, Water, and Fire. Doing so will force the state of the world to change, and when you head back into the Emergency Shelter at Lookout Landing, you’ll see that there’s a new hole in the wall where the Shiekah woman was sweeping.

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You can speak to the woman to receive the “Who Goes There?” side adventure, then head into the new opening to follow the demonic voice emanating from within. You’ll need to break a lot of rocks to reach the voice’s source. We used Bomb Flowers and weak weapons with rocks Fused to them to break through. Eventually, you’ll come across an alcove on your right with a strange stumpy statue: the Horned God’s statue.

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Pray to him, and he’ll take one of your hearts out of the blue, but keep talking to him, and you can either take the heart back or trade it for a stamina bar increase. When the statue asks if you want to strike a deal, accept. When you do, you can turn in a single heart or stamina upgrade for 100 Rupees, then swap it for 120 Rupees. You can’t get a full refund even if you take the heart or stamina upgrade back: retrieving what the statue took is always more expensive.

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