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Tears of the Kingdom – How To Solve the Orochium Shrine Puzzle

Tears of the Kingdom players are in for a surprise with Orochium Shrine. Here is how to tackle the puzzles waiting inside.

Tears of the Kingdom’s shrine puzzles often throw so many elements your way it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Though Orochium Shrine isn’t too difficult to reach, things get complicated once inside.

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This tiny, oval-shaped rock suddenly turns into a multi-room, puzzling nightmare. It’s no wonder Orochium Shrine’s gigantic doors, laser beams, and ball pits baffle players. Just how do these elements come together?

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How to Find Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Orochium Shrine is in the Hebra Mountains region of Hyrule, right next to the Snowfield Stable. The fastest way to reach it is to teleport to the Pikida Stonegrove Skytower and glide south until this shrine is reached.

How to Solve Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Walking into Orochium Shrine, you’ll be welcomed by a huge door. Ultrahand will get the doors opened, but the lasers block the way. So instead, take a left and walk down that hallway, killing the Construct Soldier II nearby.

Use the platform near the end to Ascend to higher ground, then take the stairs up. The only way forward is to crawl through a tiny hole, then drop down and glide to the left. 

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In this new area, there are two smaller doors before you. Construct Soldiers II guards the left and right hallways. But upon killing the one to the right, a chest with five arrows will become accessible.

Use Ultrahand to open the doors at the center of the area. Instead of avoiding the lasers, allow yourself to fall. This will open up a new room with a treasure at the end. Ascend the platform to reach the treasure chest, adding a small key to your inventory. Ascend through the ceiling before the platform with the chest to head back up. 

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Use the small key to open the green door caging the metallic ball. Clear the zone of enemies to move freely. Once all Construct Soldiers II have been defeated, use Ultrahand to grab the metallic ball and drop it on the green lifts in the back room.

Hop in, and once upstairs, get off the lift. The metallic ball should go in the ball pit device, granting access to a fan-propelled glider. 

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Take the glider out, attach the same metallic ball to it, and hop in. Glide to the first floor and place the metallic ball in the remaining ball pit device to reach the end of the Orochium Shrine.

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