Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Find All Lynels

Lynels are the most monsters in Tears of the Kingdom, and also drop the best Fuse materials. Here’s where to find them all.

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Lynels are one of the toughest non-boss enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Depending on your gear, heart and stamina values, and ability to dodge, parry, or generally avoid being hit, they can be harder than even the Sage temple bosses.

You will, however, want to know where to find as many Lynels as possible, because you won’t find many better Fuse and cooking materials. Additionally, they wield some of the best bows in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you where each Lynel of each type lives in Hyrule, and even in the hell world that is the Depths.

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Every Lynel Location in Hyrule in TotK

Thankfully, there are no Lynels on the sky islands, as they need plenty of space to deal damage in battle. The ones in Hyrule Kingdom are easier than those in the Depths, with some Depths Lynels clad in heavy rock armor you’ll need to destroy to fight them properly. Regardless of where you fight them, Lynels come in the same three varieties: Red-maned (the easiest), Blue-maned (medium difficulty), and White-maned (the toughest). The harder they are to kill, the better the loot they drop, and we’ll list them by their type, starting with Red-maned.

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All Surface Red-maned Lynel Locations in TotK

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Red Lynel LocationHow to Reach
North Akkala Valley

Coordinates: 3766, 2907, 0039
Travel west from the East Akkala Stable or glide north from the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. The field with the Lynel is just south of the Deep Akkala map marker and southeast of Rok Woods.
Northeast Lake Illumeni

Coordinates: -3400, 0031, 0095
Travel north from Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, and you’ll find the Lynel just to the west of the Zelda and Sonia Geoglyph.
West Hyrule Plains

Coordinates: 1559, 0145, 0109
Travel due south from the New Serenne Stable and the Where Am I? geoglyph. You’ll find the Lynel in a field north of the river delta.
Upland Lindor

Coordinates: -2164, 1530, 0217
You don’t even need to use the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower for this Lynel. Simply use the Tower as a starting point and head northwest down into the open field.

All Surface Blue-maned Lynel Locations in TotK

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Blue Lynel LocationHow to Reach
Lanayru Heights

Coordinates: 2671, -0940, 0226
Glide west from the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower or travel east from Kakariko Village. The field with the Lynel is north of the waterway.
Rabia Plain

Coordinates: 2505, -0591, 0122
Travel northwest of the Lanayru Heights Lynel, then guide down into the plains below. The Lynel will be wandering the middle of the open field.
Southern Lanayru Wetlands

Coordinates: 1999. -0310, 0009
Travel either northwest of the Rabia Plain Lynel, southeast of the Jonsau Shrine, or almost directly north from Kakariko Village. The Lynel is wandering the shallows south of Kinean Island.
Harfin Valley

Coordinates: 0151, -3317, 0070
Travel west from Highland Stable or the Utsushok Shrine or glide south from the Pola Foothills Skyview Tower. The Lynel wanders the forested fields on the road leading west from the stable.
Nautelle Wetlands

Coordinates: -0611, -3848, 0050
Head south of Lake Hylia, or southwest of the Harfin Valley blue Lynel. The wetlands are also just to the northwest of the Faron Sea map marker: the small body of water at the south of the Faron Grasslands.
Stalry Plateau

Coordinates: -1526, -2715, 0153
Glide southeast from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, and east the Lightning Gleeok you’ll pass along the way. You’ll see the Kitawak Shrine to the south and a large stone pillar jutting out of the ground north of the Lynel’s prowling grounds.
Hebra West Summit

Coordinates: -4522, 2681, 0228
Glide northwest of Rospro Pass Skyview Tower to the southern tip of the Hebra West Summit, a frigid area covered with snow. The Tauyosipun Shrine is also just north of the Lynel’s hunting grounds.

All Surface White-maned Lynel Locations in TotK

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White Lynel LocationHow to Reach
Ukuku Plains

Coordinates: 3873, 0958, 0248
Travel northwest from Zora’s Domain, or directly north from the Ihen-a Shrine and Ploymus Mountain. The Lynel wanders the plains beyond the trees near the south cliffside.
Kamah Plateau

Coordinates: 1478, -3067, 0203
The easiest way to this Lynel is via the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. Head into the sky and travel east by southeast past and to the north of the large body of water. The Lynel wanders on a raised, green plain.
Risoka Snowfield

Coordinates: -4475, -0976, 0508
The quickest way to this White-maned Lynel is to travel to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and glide northwest. There’s also the Otutsum Shrine to the north of the Lynel’s location, if you need an easy checkpoint for later.
Tabantha Hills

Coordinates: -2818, 1836, 0307
You can either travel east along the road from Rito Village or northeast from the Oromuwak Shrine to reach this Lynel. Either way, you’ll be doing a bit of climbing, but nothing terrible.

Every Lynel Location in the Depths in TotK

The Depths plays host to about as many Lynels as the surface does, but the catch is, many of them are clad in stone armor that you need to break with either blunt weapons or Bomb Flowers (can be attached to arrows). Thankfully, Nintendo was uncharacteristically kind and almost all of them are in close proximity to a Lightroot, giving you the ability to actually see your surroundings as you fight. Additionally, Depths Lynel damage is technically lower than their surface counterparts, but to make up for it, they deal Gloom damage, so bring plenty of Gloom recovery food and resistant gear.

All Depths Red-maned Lynel Locations in TotK

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Red Lynel LocationHow to Reach
Stakijat Lightroot

Coordinates: 0255, -1176, -0471
From the Hyrule Field Chasm, travel southeast. You’ll pass a Frox on your way to the Lightroot, and the Lynel is almost directly south of it, near the cavern wall.

All Depths Blue-maned Lynel Locations in TotK

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Blue Lynel LocationHow to Reach
Anonisik Lightroot

Coordinates: 2595, 1147, -0597
If you descend the South Akkala Plains Chasm and head southwest, then turn directly north at the corner on your right. You’ll likely pass an Obisidan Frox on your way up, and the Lynel is just south of the root.
Gedihcayam Lightroot

Coordinates: 3147, 1694, -0650
You’ll find the Lightroot northwest of the South Akkala Plains Chasm, and just as you enter the superheated air section of the Eldin region. The Lynel is southeast of the root is outside the heated zone, but you might run into it during the fight, so come with flame-resistant armor.

All Depths White-maned Lynel Locations in TotK

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Hyrule Castle Chasm

Coordinates: -0241, 0796, -1090
Deep below Hyrule Castle, in the Gloom Approach, is an arena with a Gloom-corrupted White-maned Lynel. You’ll pass a cave with Horriblins before reaching the arena.
Mu-ustust Lightroot

Coordinates: -1423, -1266, -0485
Find the Lightroot in the south-central portion of the Depths, northwest of the Great Abandoned Central Mine. The Lynel wanders just north of the Lightroot.
Kimakarut Lightroot

Coordinates: -2790, -2248, -0482
West-southwest of the Great Abandoned Central Mine, and northwest of the East Gerudo Chasm, is the Lightroot, itself atop a high rock formation. The Lynel is just east of the Lightroot itself.
Muihcoro Lightroot

Coordinates: -1584, 2537, -0684
In the northwest section of the Depths, beneath the Tabantha Tundra, northwest of the Elma Knolls Chasm is the Lightroot you want. The Lynel is southeast of the root, so you may see it before you light up the place.
Kohsustu Lightroot

Coordinates: 0477, -3425, -0500
In the Depths below the Highland Stable, and directly east of where you’d find the Harfin Field Lynel on the surface, is an armored White one surrounded by an underwater lake. It’s also west-by-southwest of the Lightroot.
U-u-ujoj Lightroot

Coordinates: 1582, -3516, -0512
Directly east of the Kohsustu Lightroot, and west of the Abandoned Lurelin Mine (and around a turn in the cavern), you’ll find this Lynel wandering about a large patch of Gloom on the ground.
Sohse Lightroot

Coordinates: 1751, -1941, -0463
Directly south of the Abandoned Kakariko Mine and the East Hill Chasm, is another armored White Lynel. If you pick up the Sohse Lightroot, head east through a small tunnel to find the Lynel wandering a nearby plain.
Uihoke Lightroot

Coordinates: 1033, 1138, -0474
Find the Lightroot directly south of the Minshi Woods Chasm near the Korok Grove. The Lynel is a short ways south of the root
Ui-ihcoj Lightroot

Coordinates: 4238, 2744, -0576
There’s no easy way to reach this Lightroot, but the fastest might be by diving into the East Akkala Plains Chasm and travelling north. You might run into the Lynel on the way, as it wander to the south of the root.

Special mention goes to the Floating Colosseum (coordinates -1149, -1261, -0499) near the center of the Depths.

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There, you need to fight a Red-maned Lynel, then a Blue-maned, then White-maned, then Silver-maned, and finally armored Silver-maned.

And that’s it! Check out our other The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides below to help with crafting, exploring, and tackling challenges across Hyrule.

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