Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Get Clean Weapons

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players will have to explore the depths to obtain clean weapons.

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Tears of the Kingdom’s fuse ability will allow you to fuse weapons for powerful new options. However, this realm of endless creativity comes at a cost — the loss of regular weaponry. Players will soon realize that in Tears of the Kingdom, most weapons stored in barracks and armories are “Decayed,” which taints weapons with blueish spots.

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How to Get Clean Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom

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Players can find clean weapons in a specific location in a specific map area – the Tears of the Kingdom’s The Depths.

The Depths are a large area that lies underground, hidden under the surface of Hyrule. Much like the Sky Islands, the Depths introduces a new map, mechanics, and teleportation system. To enter the Depths, players must find Chasms on the surface and descend to the depths of this underground area. Once inside, use Brightbloom Seeds to light up the path and Lightroots to unlock the map.

Besides gloomy monsters and rare loot, players will come across shadow figures atop stone pedestals. The weapons they hold are Clean Weapons. Spot a stone pedestal, climb it, and grab the shadow figure’s weapon.

Can you Remove Decay from Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom?

Decayed swords, spears, and axes have blue spots, making them look tainted. Besides the rotten appearance, decayed weapons also tend to have lower stats. Decayed weapons have been affected by Decay after the Upheaval. There is no way to improve their decayed state. 

To improve their stats, fuse other weapons or elements to the decayed weapons. Still, the base stats are pretty low, so wasting materials to enhance them is not worth it.

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