The best weapon sets for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

How to shoot your best shot.

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Cuphead is a challenging game, but it also gives you a variety of tools to take down its big bosses. The Delicious Last Course has plenty of fearsome foes, but it also includes new weapons to try. That begs the question, what are the best weapons for each boss? These are our recommendations.

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Glumstone the Giant

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There are a few good options for fighting Glumstone. In the first two phases, the Spread shot is a great choice, because you can get right in his or the puppets’ face and unload. The Twist-Up (one of the new items in Porkrind’s Emporium with this DLC) is ideal for the final phase. You’ll need to aim for the ulcer above you inside the stomach.

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Moonshine Mob

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There are a variety of targets in this boss fight, which means you’ll have to pick some to focus on when equipping your weapons. The Spread is great if you want to stay at close range, and the Lobber and Twist-Up can let you fight at more of a distance. During phase three, you’ll need to take quick shots at the anteater’s snout. The new Converge or Crackshot can come in handy here, since both fire shots cover a wide, long-range area.

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The Howling Aces

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You can approach this boss fight a few different ways. In phase one, the dog pilot above you is susceptible to the Spread and Charge, as he moves slowly, stays in the same place for a while, and isn’t usually too far away. The Spread also works in phase two while the puppies ride jetpacks around you, but it’s not the most efficient method. The Converge and Crackshot work well here, as does the Chaser. The same weapons work well in the final phases, though if you get the alternate third phase, you can also unload on the lady pilot with the Spreader.

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Mortimer Freeze

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Mortimer likes to hover a lot in this battle, but he’s never too far away. With that in mind, the most consistent shot you can use here is the Spread. The Lobber can also be useful in the second phase against the snowman, but it’s not recommended for either of the other stages of the battle.

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Esther Winchester

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This is a shoot ’em up boss fight, so you’re relegated to the plane’s weapons and can’t choose your loadout. That said, there are some opportune moments to switch to the bombs. In the first phase, Esther can pull a cactus across the screen, blocking part of your flight zone. If she’s lower than you, lob bombs to continue dealing damage.

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Chef Saltbaker

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This one is complicated, because each phase is so different. The first phase is the longest by far, so something like the Chaser, which can keep you focused on dodging, or the Twist-Up that will curve toward the Chef’s face can be helpful. In phase two, you need to hit the salt shakers on the same platform as you, but don’t rely on the Spreader because you don’t want to get too close. The Charge or Converge are safe bets. For phase three, you’ll mostly be focused on dodging — this is actually a good case for the Roundabout. Fortunately, it’s the shortest part of the battle. Then comes phase four, where you’ll need to constantly jump up platforms while dealing damage. The Roundabout cold also come in handy here, but the Chaser is a good bet for those more concerned about jumping than firing.

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Angel & Devil

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This secret boss fight is quite tricky, as the Angel and Devil swap sides whenever you look away. That said, the Devil is always in the direction you’re facing. The Twist-Up is a great choice here, as it can curve up and smack him without you needing to stand directly underneath, where fireballs are most dangerous. Do not bring the Roundabout into this fight, as it’s practically useless.

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