Tears of the Kingdom – All Dondon Locations & Rewards

Dondons are a rare creature to find in Tears of the Kingdom, but this guide shows where they are and every reward you can get from them.

Dondons are unique in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These large animals are docile creatures that you can find in Hyrule, but they have a unique attribute where they can consume luminous stones and conjure up a wide variety of gems that can be used in crafting projects, or sold to merchants.

The Dondons are extremely shy, and tracking them down can be a little difficult while you’re exploring Hyrule. This guide covers where you can find all Dondon locations and every gem reward you can get from them in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Every Dondon Location in TotK

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We can confirm there is only one location you can find Dondons in Tears of the Kingdom – Bronas Forest.

They are part of a quest known as The Beast and the Princess, where rumors have spread that Princess Zelda was seen riding a gigantic, terrible beast as if she were commanding it. When I initially heard this, I figured it was the same Princess Zelda that had been appearing in the many main story cutscenes, but this was not the case.

Instead, when I arrived at the location where the rumors had come from, a subtropical region of Hyrule in the south, I discovered Dondons for the first time. These large, docile creatures were casually roaming around the plains, and they didn’t do much else besides slowly walking around, eating grass, and hanging around the specific location.

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The Dondons you can find in Tears of the Kingdom are to the north of Lakeside Stable, next to Lake Floria. Cross the water from the Lakeside Stable into the south of Bronas Forest, and the Dondons will be there, along with Zelda’s research assistant who had been helping her study these creatures. Turns out, these unique animals eat Luminous Stones and produce gems after a good deal of time.

All Dondon Rewards in Tears of the Kingdom

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If you place a Luminous Stone before any Dondon, they will consume it. From there, you must return to the Dondons later to receive any of their rewards. Players have tested it, and it looks like it takes 15 out of game minutes for the Dondons to give you any gems. We recommend feeding them as many Luminous Stones as they can eat, which should be five. Giving them more, and not less, yields the best results.

These are all the gems that Dondons can give you in Tears of the Kingdom. These are not guaranteed to appear, but you have a good chance when feeding five Luminous Stones to a Dondon.

  • Amber
  • Diamonds
  • Flint
  • Opals
  • Rubies
  • Sapphire

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