Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Mayachin Shrine

Mayachin Shrine is about as close to playing golf as Link gets in Tears of the Kingdom, presenting one of the hardest puzzles in Hyrule.


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Tears of the Kingdom’s Shrines have the best puzzle of any Zelda game. Everything feels fresh and refined to the point that, in some cases, players can’t even build a bridge to get themselves out of trouble. Nowhere is this more true than in Mayachin Shrine, also known as A Fixed Device, so we’ve put together this guide for where to find it and how to complete the puzzle it contains.

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Where to Find Mayachin Shrine/A Fixed Device in Tears of the Kingdom

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Mayachin Shrine is in the middle of the Hyrule Field region in TotK at map coordinates -0706, -0868, 0031. The best way to get there is to fast travel to the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower and head northeast. The Shrine is very close to this Skyview Tower, but Link will need to move quickly or be forced to fight the monster camp that’s set up shop there. These monsters will respawn whenever a Blood Moon Rises, so they’re often impossible to avoid.

How to Complete Mayachin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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Tears of the Kingdom Mayachin Shrine has two puzzles Link must solve if players want to get the bonus Chest from the Shrine and reach the exit. After using the spinning platform to climb over to the main section of the Shrine, Link needs to use Ultrahand to bring the platform with him. This will be used in one of the solutions required to complete the Shrine. Before doing anything else, Link needs to stand on the button next to the switch that’s glowing orange. This will spin around a target that Link needs to redirect the ball onto.

How to Hit the Target on the Left in Mayachin Shrine

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The first solution to TotK Mayachin Shrine, which will open the exit, can be seen in the image above. Link needs to use the spear Zonai devices, which can sink into a surface to attach themselves and form a base to build upon on the spinning mechanism in this main area. This mechanism will quickly spin when Link hits the orange glowing switch above it, meaning it can hit the spheres at great speed toward the target when timed correctly.

For this solution, we attached a Zonai spear to the mechanism, then attached one of the long poles to that to make it look like a baseball bat. We used a second Zonai Spear further up from the baseball bat to redirect the sphere toward it. Finally, we used the platform Link crossed earlier to slow the sphere down as it fell from its source. The result made the sphere slow down enough for us to see when we needed to hit the switch, spinning the baseball bat and throwing the ball up the ramp and towards the target. The target will turn green when the sphere hits it.

How to Hit the Target on the Right in Mayachin Shrine

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After the target on the left turns green, a target on the right-hand side of the room will appear. Hitting it with the sphere will open up the second gate, allowing Link to reach the chest beyond. Before creating a solution, players need to use a Zonai spear to pin the hanging slab on the right-hand side of the room to the top of the block above it. This will clear the way for the sphere.

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The second solution for Mayachin Shrine can be seen in the image above. Link needs to wait for the sphere to roll further down the slop and hit it just as it’s about to fall off the edge, which we did a number of times while attempting this Shrine. Get the timing right, and the sphere will hit the target, unlocking the second gate.

Finally, once both targets have been hit correctly, Link can leave the Shrine with the satisfaction of knowing he’ll never need to return. This is one of the toughest puzzles we’ve encountered in the game during our playthrough, and we were glad to see the back of it after an hour of attempting to solve it.

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