Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get Zelda’s Golden Horse

Zelda’s Golden Horse has gone missing in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you where to find and rescue it.

There’s mention of Zelda’s Golden Horse in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and how it’s gone missing. There’s a stablehand that you encounter while exploring the Hebra Mountains that says it was their job to watch Zelda’s horse, but it’s gotten away, and they don’t have a good way to return it.

It’s your job to track down Zelda’s Golden Horse and bring it back, but there are some other tasks you’ll need to do first if you want to find it. We tried to get it at an earlier point and ultimately failed, but came back to this quest in Tears of the Kingdom with a bit more experience and tools under our belt to make it happen. Although catching the Golden Horse was taxing, it was worth every minute.

Where to Find Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

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You can receive this quest by making your way to Snowfield Stable in Tears of the Kingdom and speaking with Penn and Harlow. Harlow will explain that she was watching Zelda’s horse, but something spooked it, and then it ran off. Unfortunately, it ran past a massive ice Dragon during a blizzard, and she wasn’t able to go after it again.

Before you go after Zelda’s Golden Horse, we do recommend making your way to Rito Village and working on the Wind Temple. After completing the Wind Temple, the Blizzard surrounding Rito Village and the massive area will cease, and you can return to this task. It makes it much easier to grab Zelda’s Golden Horse and work on other tasks within the region.

Now, after you’ve stopped the Blizzard, make your way to Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower, and launch yourself from the top. You want to glide through the north part of the map and land to the north of Tabantha Snowfield. There, you should see Zelda’s Golden Horse with a small group of other horses.

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Catching Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom is like capturing any other horse. You need to sneak up on it, attempt to mount it, and have enough stamina to soothe and tame it. Before you go through this task, make sure to have plenty of Stamina food, and prepare for a wild ride attempting to tame this creature. We were able to complete it on a single attempt, but we had to eat plenty of stamina food to make sure the horse did not buck us off. It was close, but were able to catch it.

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After you’ve tamed the horse, return to Snowfield Stable, and speak with Penn and Harlow, showing you’ve recaptured the horse. Harlow will be beside themselves with your actions but agrees that it would ultimately be best if it remained with you. You’ll now be able to use the Golden Horse like every other horse, so long as you have enough room in your captured mountains.

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