Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Complete Sinakawak Shrine

Link is up in his hot air balloon. Learn how to complete each puzzle of the Sinakawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom challenges players to spot, enter, and complete Shrines to acquire a Light of Blessing, which can later be traded for Heart or Stamina containers. However, thanks to Tears of the Kingdom’s new abilities and Zonai devices, Shrines can be much more entertaining and challenging the the previous game. For example, the Sinakawa Shrine near New Serenne Stable will introduces players to the game’s Hot Air Balloon mechanics, which can be puzzling.

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Tears of the Kingdom: Sinakawak Shrine Location

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Sinakawak Shrine can be found right behind New Serenne Stable in the North Hyrule Plain. It’s where players can pick up Impa’s quest to start recalling Link’s memories.

Tears of the Kingdom: Sinakawak Shrine Solution

A fully functioning hot-air balloon will greet you as you enter the shrine, showcasing the basics of how they work. It’s made of a balloon and a small pillar with a flame. The flame causes the balloon to fly up. 

 Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 1

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To complete this puzzle, grab a plank and a balloon from the resources to the left. Then, place them both on the exemplary balloon’s left. There’s a conveniently placed flame pillar right there, too. Attach the flame pillar to the wooden plank’s center, and then attach the balloon right above it. Be quick on your feet, or the balloon will depart without you.

 Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 2

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The second platform’s challenge can be solved quite easily. Craft another hot air balloon right in front of the locked door. When the balloon floats up, it will trigger a device that will open the door.

 Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 3

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On the third platform, a bigger challenge awaits. There are two doors: the one to the left leads to the shrine statues, and the one to the right leads to a treasure chest. Right in front of each door is a familiar mechanism with a hole in the center, one bigger than the other. 

Descend one platform to find some more resources: a big ball surrounded by fire spitters, a tiny ball, along with some balloons, flame pillars, and wooden planks. Let’s get crafty, shall we?

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Use the plank as a base for the hot-air balloon. Attach the big ball to the wooden plank and the tiny ball on top of it. More weight means more balloons and flame pillars will be needed. Place one stone pillar in each four corners of the wooden plank. Then, attach at least three balloons to make a stronger hot-air balloon.

Once at the third platform, jump off the hot-air balloon, and use Ultrahand to bring it back down with you. Use your Recall ability to make it come down if it’s too far away. Now, grab the big ball and shake the R stick to the left and right to unattach it from the hot-air balloon. All that’s left now is to place the big and tiny balls in the mechanisms for the doors to open.

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