What does mounted mean in Fortnite?

Getting eliminations while mounted in Fortnite is an easier concept than you might think.

Riding on a Wolf in Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the challenges you need to complete for the new set of Geralt of Rivia Quests in Fortnite is eliminating three opponents while mounted. While the objective is straightforward, the wording may appear vague for some, especially for newer players. While it is well known that the Battle Royale island is full of vehicles for combatants to drive around the map, most of them do not count as being “mounted.” For instance, driving by an enemy player and taking them out through the window of a truck does not count as a mounted elimination.

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How to eliminate an opponent while mounted in Fortnite

Wolf Location for Mounted Elimination in Fortnite
Screenshot by Gamepur

Driving most vehicles and getting an elimination does not work for clearing the Geralt of Rivia Quest because being “mounted” refers to riding three particular entities in Fortnite: boars, wolves, and dirt bikes. Boars and wolves will spawn in random spots across the map, particularly in “wild areas” that are some distance from larger landmarks or towns. For instance, we found a wolf in the woods slightly southwest of Anvil Square after around five minutes of searching. Alternatively, dirt bikes can be found virtually everywhere and are much easier to acquire. These vehicles are always parked and do not roam about like boars or wolves.

Of course, finding a boar, wolf, or dirt bike to ride is the easy part of the quest. The hard part of the Fortnite challenge is getting three eliminations while mounted on one of these rides. While dirt bikes are easier to find, using them in combat can be tricky unless you are moving slowly or parked in place. On the other hand, you have much more maneuverability while aiming at targets atop a boar or wolf. Naturally, those playing with bots or newer players will have no trouble defeating opponents while mounted in Fortnite. However, those on the “higher elo” might find this Geralt of Rivia Quest much harder.