What is the max health you can have in Metroid Dread? Answered

More health means a better chance of surviving Planet ZDR.

Image via Nintendo

Samus Aran starts Metroid Dread drained of her powers, thanks to the villainous Raven Beak. She’s not dead, though she’s close to it — you start the game with just 99 health, aka energy. Thankfully, you can get much beefier by the end of the game via Energy Tanks. Along with Missile Tanks and Power Bomb Tanks, they’re the most common collectible you’ll find in each of Planet ZDR’s regions.

Every Energy Tank you find gives you an additional 99 energy. You can also find Energy Parts — collect four to assemble a full Tank and receive the same boost. Counting each collection of Parts as one full Tank, you can increase your health a total of 12 times. That makes the maximum health you can have in Metroid Dread 1,299, although it’s easier to think of it as 13 health bars worth 99 energy each.

You’re definitely going to need that buffer, especially when you face Raven Beak again. So if you want to find all the Energy Tanks and Parts in Metroid Dread, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of every Energy Tanks you’ll find in the game, broken up by region. 

Using these guides, you’ll be able to reach that maximum health level. Collecting all the Energy Tanks and Parts is also required for Dread’s 100% completion reward, so you’ll be well on your way to earning that too.