Where to find the Ghostbusters Car, Ecto-1, in Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2020

Who you gonna call?


With Fortnitemares 2020 underway, you can expect some interesting surprises to crop up in Fortnite. I want to call them Easter Eggs, but that would clearly be the wrong time of year. One such treat comes in the form of the Ghostbusters car, the famous Ecto-1. You can find this on the map right now if you know where to look.

Make your way to Camp Cod. To the south of Catty Corner and right on the coast of the main island, and you will the smaller island that makes up Camp Cod. A new barn building has been set up there. You can see the exact location marked on the map below.

Inside the barn, you will find a familiar-looking car covered by a tarp. While much of the car is hidden, the visible pieces clearly imply it is Ekto-1, the car that the Ghostbusters used to get around New York City as they tried to deal with various spirits.

If you don’t quite think it is and want more proof, then give it a few whacks with your harvesting tool. The trademark siren will stark to go off, unleashing a wave of nostalgia for fans of the films.

Don’t forget that Fortnitemares also means lots of new challenges. You can find them all below, with some helpful guides to help you get them wrapped up as quickly as possible to get your free rewards.