Where to Swim at Different No Swimming Signs in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season One


Swim at different no swimming signs is one of the challenges for 8-Ball Vs. Scratch mission in Fortnite. We can’t say we agree with flaunting maritime safety, but just this once, we will show you where you can complete the task. Remember, you only need to swim at two of the signs, and you don’t have to do them both in the same match so that you can take your time with this one.

No Swimming Sign Locations

On the map above, you will see the locations of four different no swimming signs. You can see what the signs look like in the main image above. It might be a good idea to drop in at the beach to the west of Sweaty Sands, swim at the sign, then head up to Fort Crumpet to start working on the Gold Scavenger Medal challenge that is part of the new Rippley Vs. Sludge challenges.

This challenge is not very difficult; all you need to do is find the sign, then swim in the water directly in front of it. Do this at two different signs, and the challenge is complete.

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