Why aren’t the Deadpool Week 3 challenges appearing in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

An easy answer.


It’s that time of the week when all the challenges in Fortnite tick over. If you were expecting more Deadpool challenges, but cannot find them, then the reason why is easy to explain. Deadpool’s challenges don’t appear in the game until Fridays, while the rest of the challenges appear on Thursday.

If you need help with the Deadpool Challenges that are already in the game, you can find them listed below:

Week 1

Week 2

There was some good news this week regarding Deadpool, as a leak has confirmed that the Merc with a Mouth’s dual katanas will be coming to the game as new back bling.

Because you have to wait an extra day for the Deadpool Challenges, you can spend your time working on the new TNTina’s Trial challenges instead. We have lots of useful guides to help you wrap them up in no time. Just like with Brutus’ Briefing, the challenges will split into two groups of ten, with the first ten arriving this week. You will need to finish at least 18 of them to be able to access the mission to unlock the Ghost or Shadow style for TNTina.