Dragon Ball will return to Fortnite with new content, sooner than you’d think

Get ready to Kamehameha again!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Epic Games has decided to shock Fortnite fans with a Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite collab. Normally, these kinds of events would have some kind of buildup. However, since the event starts tomorrow, it seems that players won’t have any time to prepare. The announcement came on the official Fortnite Twitter page, with a picture showing a spaceship flying over the Battle Island, captioned with a date indicating a January 31 start.

The last Dragonball event that we had in Fortnite ended exactly five months ago, and we had the pleasure of fighting with skins such as Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma. Players also had access to a Power Level mechanic, which they increased by fulfilling tasks. As of now, we don’t know if something similar is going to happen this time around.

The image that Epic Games posted on Twitter shows off a spaceship. A similar spaceship, used by Gohan and Piccolo, can be spotted in the latest Dragon Ball Super movie. This could mean that we are getting either one of these characters as skins — or maybe even both.

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In the last Dragon Ball x Fortnite event, players had access to incredible powers from the show, such as the Kamehameha. Adding the ability and power levels back to Fortnite for a while could spice things up the right way for DBS fans. The previous event was leaked months before being properly announced, but this time, players haven’t heard any rumors beforehand.

Since many Fortnite collab events usually get leaked before getting announced, maybe the one-day announcement this time was done to keep everyone on their toes. Maybe developers are trying something new. After Hi-Fi Rush’s successful release, without any announcement, Epic Games might be trying to learn new marketing techniques.