Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V Publisher Has Determined That It's Necessary To Extend GTA Online Life

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Take-Two On GTA Online Future

Take-Two via their earning report stated that they are determined to extend the life of GTA Online and GTA V. As a fan, I am really worried about Rockstar Games and their future games.

Take-Two End Fight With OpenIV GTA 5 Modding Tool, Chopped Off Liberty City Mod

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 GTA 5

Rockstar Games spoke with Take-Two regarding modding policy, they revised the same that put OpenIV back in action.

Alien Egg Supply Run In GTA Online - What You Need To Trigger It And Solve Mount Chiliad Mystery

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Alien Egg Supply Run - What You Need To Trigger It

Alien Egg Supply Run in GTA Online. Modders unveil Requirements To Trigger this and solve Mount Chiliad Mystery. This guide shows What you need to do to trigger Alien Egg Supply mission without Cheat or Modding.

GTA 5 Players fuming On Take-Two's Choice To Shut Down OpenIV Mod Tool, 58000 Signed Petition On

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GTA 5 Take Two

GTA 5 Players left more than forty thousand negative reviews on steam on Take-Two’s decisions for shutting down OpenIV Mod Tool.

Leaked Unreleased Vehicles And Price Of GTA Online Gunrunning Update

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 GTA Online Gunrunning Update

GTA Online Gunrunning Leaked Vehicles and their cost revealed. There will be more coming in few months.

Take-Two Takes Down Popular OpenIV GTA 5 Modding Tool

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 Tale Two Modding Tool

Take-Two  has dropped an official Cease-and-Desist letter to OpenIV, the most popular GTA 5 Modding Tool.

GTA 5 Online Gunrunning New Update Coming on June 13, Trailer Out

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 Rock star Gunrunning

GTA 5 Online Gunrunning Trailer out, new massive update coming on June 13 that adds illegal arms dealing in the game.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick Talks About Microtransactions

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 Take Two microtransaction

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick shares his viewpoint on Microtransactions in games.

GTA V Online Getting Massive Update Gunrunning In June 2017, First Screenshots Released

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GTA Online Gunrunning Update

GTA Online is getting a massive update in June 2017. The update will be called Gunrunning, first details and screenshots has been released.

GTA V: Discounts, Increased Payout And Double RP/GTA $ This Week On GTA Online

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GTA V: More Discount And Double $GTA

Rockstar Games is offering lots of money in GTA V online multiplayer portion, GTA Online. Are you up for grabbing discounts, increased payout, double GTA$, and many other things?