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Super Mario Run Finally Heading To Android Play Store

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Super Mario Run Android

Nintendo has just revealed when Android users will get a chance to play Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run Google Play Store Page Up, Notifies You When The App Is On Android

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Download Super Mario Run For Android

Super Mario Run's Notify Me Page is live now on Google Play Store. It will notify player as soon as it will go live on Android.

How to Switch Characters and Playable Characters - Super Mario Run

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How to Switch Character - Super Mario Run

This Super Mario Run guide show how to switch playable characters in Super Mario Run. The game has 6 playable characters. Read more to find out how to unlock them and more.

No Sound Issue and Fix - Super Mario Run

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No Sound Issue Fix - Super Mario Run

This guide show fix for No Sound issue in Super Mario Run. Sadly, there is no temporary fix available for No Sound issue, you guys have to wait for Nintendo to fix it via patch.

How To Play Using Family Sharing On Multiple iOS Devices - Super Mario Run

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Family Share Feature - Super Mario Run

Players can play Super Mario Run on multiple iOS devices using Family Share feature. This guide shows how to set-up Family Sharing feature for Super Mario Run.

No More New Content for Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a paid game and speculated that it might not get any kind of new free contents in coming time, which could be a rumor also. 

Pokemon GO Android Version Updated to 0.51.0 and iOS Version Updated to 1.21.0

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO new patch fixes bug of incorrect vibration and time issues on iOS and Android. 

Price Tag Could Harm Super Mario Run Sales On The Long Term: Analyst

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Super Mario Run Price Hits Nintendo Share Hard

Analyst predicts that Super Mario Run price point ($10) could hurt the game hard in the long run. Despite, good performance during launch week, Nintendo share price fell 5%.

How To Stop Mario And Go Backwards - Super Mario Run Cheat

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Super Mario Run Trick - How to stop and go backward

There is a Super Mario Run trick to Stop Mario and Go Backwards. This Super Mario Run guide gives tricks player need to perform to stop Mario and then go back.

How to gather Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go from Generation 2 Eggs

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Baby Pokemon in Generation 2 Eggs

A short tip that will tell you how you can easily hatch Baby Pokemon from Generation 2 Eggs and how you can evolve them.