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  • EA quietly remove new weapons from Battlefield 3 Aftermath and End Game DLC

    EA and DICE has quietly removed some content from upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC "Aftermath and End Game". As per the details revealed on official Battlefield 3 Twitter account, both Aftermath and End Game was supposed to feature new weapons, but now it has been officially confirmed that both DLC pack won't feature any new weapons.

    Well this is not the first time EA has done this, same thing happened with Armored Kill DLC. Initially it was promised that Armored Kill DLC will feature 5 vehicles unlocks but this never happened and so many Battlefield 3 fans was upset and annoyed with EA and DICE.

    The profile page of Aftermath and End Game DLC in Battlelog has been changed as well (additional weapons listed previously has been removed). As a proof of this we have a comparison screenshots of a Battlelog, first image is 3 months old, whereas second image is taken from today's premium section.

    See the difference yourself below, and let us know in the comment section below what you guys think about this.

    Battlefield 3: Battlelog Image 3 Months Old:

    Battlefield 3: Battlelog Screenshot 3 Month Old

    Battlefield 3: Battlelog Image NEW ONE:

    Battlefield 3: Battlelog Image New One

  • Is Sony's PSN Hacked Again?, Error Code 80023102 reported

    For past couple of weeks, Playstation 3 and PS VITA owners across the globe have been experiencing Error Code 80023102. This error code is related to DOS (Denial of Service) of gamers credit card, as if it had been compromised.

    PSNThe support team at Sony has not yet revealed any details related to this error, and are also not taking any blame upon themself, and instead blaming gamers credit card of being faulty.

    All these things put three conclusion infront of all of us, first and the foremost is, there is some serious error related to PSN on Sony's side?. Second, whether subscribers credit card details has been compromised or what?. Last but not the least, Is Sony trying to keep things related to this hack under wrap?.

    According to details from Sony Tech forum support, Error Code 80023102 has been reported in countries like America, Europe, and even Australia.

    Did you encounter this same "Error Code 80023102" with PSN in recent time?. Let us know in the comment section below.

    We will update the post as soon as we get to hear more from our sources.

  • Sleeping Dogs Street Racer DLC first screenshots released

    Square Enix has announced new DLC content "Street Racer" for Sleeping Dogs. It will be available for download on October 16 for Xbox 360 (price 320 MSP), Playstation Network (Price: $3.99 / €2.99 / £2.39) and Steam (Price: $3.99 / €2.99 / £2.39).

    Sleeping DogsSleeping Dogs Street Racer DLC features Kamikaze, a race up and down the winding tracks of the city’s Victoria Peak, Cross Island Enduro, an epic endurance motorcycle race, plus the high-speed Harbor Run boat race.

    Street Racer Pack also features a new Sting superbike and a new Dragon outfit with a racing jacket and helmet for reduced damage from both accidents and gunfire.

    Check out the screenshots of the DLC below.

    Sleeping Dogs Street Racer DLC Screen 1 Sleeping Dogs Street Racer DLC Screen 2 Sleeping Dogs Street Racer DLC Screen 3

  • Borderlands 2 patch 1.01 Changelog Revealed

    Earlier today Gearbox Software released Borderlands 2 patch 1.01 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and now just a few minutes ago developer has revealed the entire changelog of the patch.

    Borderlands 2Borderlands 2 patch 1.01 adds Mechromancer class, fixes for few bugs and some brand new addition. Check out the entire changelog below.


    • Fixed an issue where a mission’s level would sometimes reset to a lower level when loading a saved game.
    • Fixed an issue with stacking skill icons not correctly refreshing in some cases.
    • Fixed an issue where a client would sometimes hear a high-pitched distorted sound when respawning in a 4-player game.
    • Fixed the player sometimes getting stuck on a long loading screen or infinite black screen when trying to travel quickly after entering some areas.
    • Fixed red loot chests only spawning certain types of items.
    • Corrected spawn rate of Michael Mamaril in Sanctuary.
    • Fixed a bug where clients would occasionally crash when trying to join a server.
    • Fixed some low framerate issues that would sometimes occur in splitscreen.
    • Fixed a microphone icon sometimes showing up incorrectly for splitscreen players.


    • Fixed some cases where the Logitech G19 screen would show incorrect information for the friends list.
    • Fixed players losing ammo when reloading a savegame with max ammo and a stockpile relic equipped.
    • Fixed the vendor UI sometimes showing a count of 1 less item in the player’s backpack than is actually there.
    • Fixed the favorite/trash icons in the inventory sometimes disappearing when scrolling the inventory list.
    • Fixed players getting stuck in a white box when two people try to travel at once and one is in a vehicle.
    • Fixed co-op players sometimes spawning at different places after a level transition.
    • Fixed the “has abandoned your struggle!” message sometimes appearing with no player name.
    • Fixed mini-map fog-of-war sometimes not uncovering correctly when first loading a saved game as a client.
    • Fixed a rare crash when trying to select a menu item with the keyboard after playing the game with a gamepad.
    • Added “(undiscovered)” entries to the challenge log for challenges that the player has not yet found.
    • Fixed a rare crash in the launcher related to using a gamepad.
    • Fixed client players sometimes seeing fired bullets fly off in random directions.
    • Fixed a blocker in the “Do No Harm” quest. This fix prevents the bug and corrects the issue for any character hit by this bug.
    • Fixed a case where players were sometimes being sent back to the main menu after their online status changed when playing a LAN game.
    • Fixed a case where shields that reduce the player’s health were sometimes not showing how much health they reduce.
    • The inventory screen will no longer jump to the top of the list when using a customization item.
    • Fixed a case where clients and servers would sometimes see different fast-travel stations available to them.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause challenges to re-complete all 5 tiers over and over again.
    • Fixed players who have lost access to their 3rd or 4th weapon slot erroneously.
    • Allowed players to trade with each other when at maximum backpack capacity if they’re trading the same number of items with each other.


  • Borderlands 2 Compatibility Pack price issue fixed, now available for FREE

    Just a few hours ago Borderlands 2 Compatibility Pack was selling for a whooping price of 4,294,967,295 MSP, although Gearbox announced that it will be available to gamers for FREE.

    Borderlands 2Gearbox Software has just issued a statement saying the price mention on Borderlands 2 Compatiblility Pack was a mistake, and it has been fixed. Here is what Gearbox Software said:

    "Please download this FREE compatibility pack to allow for co-op play. Without this pack there may be differences in the Host & Co-op players game due to add-on releases, so all users are encouraged to download this pack before attempting co-op play.  If you are experiencing issues with co-op, please re-download this pack and have all other players do so as well."

  • God of War: Ascension Demo Announced and Dated

    Sony has just announced that God of War: Ascension demo will be included in Total Recall Blu-ray. Fans who will be buying Extended Director’s Cut of the film on Blu-ray or DVD+Blu-ray will also get access to upgraded E3 demo of the game.

    God of War: AscensionGamers will be able to play the demo when the movie comes out i.e on December 18.

    SCEA Product Marketing Manager Anthony Caiazzo said, "The demo includes the new gameplay mechanics and combat systems we showed off earlier this summer, so you can get a taste of all of the brutal action before the game launches next March,"

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknow demo out now for PS3 and Xbox 360

    2K Games has just released a demo of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for PS3 and Xbox 360. The taster is available now for download in US, it will arrive in Europe on October 10.

    XCOM: Enemy UnknownXCOM: Enemy Unknown demo weighs 1.51GB. The demo is available only for Xbox Live Gold subscriber. Its a great chance of trying out the demo before buying full game. So go for it now.

  • Tomb Raider: Survival and Collector's Edition announced

    Square Enix has just revealed Survival and Collector's Edition for their upcoming multiplatform game Tomb Raider. The publisher also revealed details regarding pre-order bonus details that will be offered by various retailer across UK and Ireland.

    Tomb RaiderTomb Raider Survival Edition will feature  the game, a mini art book compiled by art director Brian Horton, a double sided map of the title's island setting, a protective pouch, an access code to the soundtrack and a DLC weapon pack.

    Tomb Raider Collector's Edition will feature all the above mention things plus a six inch Lara Croft figurine, and will come in "a unique Endurance crew member's metal survival box.

    Tomb Raider is schedule to launch on March 5, 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Here's the list of retailer pre-order incentives:

    GAME - Explorer bundle

    • Challenge tomb - An exclusive tomb for Lara to raid! In this new location, Lara will encounter all new environment puzzles that will test her abilities
    • Fast climb upgrade - Early access to the fast climb skill upgrade will let Lara ascend mountain faces more quickly. Handy when avoiding her attackers in a fight to take the higher ground!

    Tesco Combat Strike pack

    • Pistol silencer upgrade - The pistol silencer will let Lara use stealthy tactics to overcome even the trickiest of situations
    • Headshot reticule upgrade - The headshot reticule will let Lara utilise her weapons more accurately, when used with the pistol silencer, they make for a deadly combination
    • Pistol burst mode upgrade - The three-shot burst pistol upgrade will let Lara unleash a hail of firepower on her foes when under attack
    • Animal instinct upgrade pack - Animal instinct skill will light up XP-laden animals in Survival Instinct mode to help you upgrade to the next skill in no time

    • Exclusive Tomb Raider: The Beginnings comic book (digital edition) - Written by Rhianna Pratchett, with cover art by Tomb Raider art director, Brian Horton, The Beginnings comic book is a digital 48 page six-part comic which tells the story of how this ill-fated voyage of the Endurance came to be. This special edition comic brings together the cast and crew, including a budding young adventurer named Lara Croft, as they prepare for adventure in search of the Yamatai off of the east coast of Japan

    • DLC designed exclusively for
    • More details will be announced in the New Year