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  • House of Dead The Dead: Overkill 2 in Development: Rumor

    Rumors mills is up again and this time its about a sequel to 2009 Wii shooting game title House of Dead: Overkill.

    House of Dead The Dead Ocerkill 2

    A source close to SEGA has revealed that the development work on House of the Dead: Overkill 2 had already begin and it is expected to come out next year.

    Currently there is no details about the game not even the platform on which it is coming however betting on Wii will be a safer option.

    SEGA on all these said "no comment on rumours and speculation".

  • Sony Confirmed LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition for Europe

    It was always on the card, Just a while ago Sony has officially confirmed that LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition will be coming out in Europe.

    LittleBigPlanet 2

    LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition for Europe will consist of

    •     A tin SteelBook case
    •     Five PSN avatars
    •     Seven DLC costumes (TRON, Toy Story, Muppets, Even More Animals)

    Gamers will also get their hands on Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank costumes as these items will be available as pre-order items.

    LittleBigPlanet 2 comes out on Playstation 3 in January 2011.

  • Gran Turismo 5 Course List Leaked

    And the Leaks Keeps flowing in about Gran Turismo 5 and rest of the story stills remain same no official confirmation. This time its all about the list of race course in the game. Categories into four type Original, World, City and Snow and Dirt.

    GT 5

    Here is the details:


    • High Speed Ring
    • High Speed Ring / Rain
    • High Speed Ring / Reverse
    • Trial Mountain Circuit
    • Trial Mountain Circuit / Reverse
    • Deep Forest Raceway
    • Deep Forest Raceway / Reverse
    • Grand Valley Speedway
    • Grand Valley Speedway / Reverse
    • Eiger Nordwand Short Track
    • Eiger Nordwand Short Track / Rain
    • Eiger Nordwand Short Track / Reverse
    • Cape Ring
    • Cape Ring North
    • Cape Ring South
    • Cape Ring Inside
    • Cape Ring Periphery
    • Autumn Ring
    • Autumn Ring Mini
    • Autumn Ring / Reverse
    • Autumn Ring Mini / Reverse
    • Grand Valley East
    • Grand Valley East / Reverse

    World Tracks

    • Superspeedway / Indy
    • Superspeedway / Daytona
    • Autodromo Nationale Monza
    • Autodromo Nationale Monza / Rain
    • Autodromo Nationale Monza / No Chicane
    • Tsukuba Circuit
    • Laguna Seca Raceway
    • Circuit de la Sarthe 2009
    • Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 / Change Time
    • Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 /No Chicanes
    • Circuit de la Sarthe 2005
    • Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 / No Chicanes
    • Nürburgring GP/F
    • Nürburgring GP/D
    • Fuji Speedway F
    • Fuji Speedway GT
    • Suzuka Circuit
    • Suzuka Circuit / Rain
    • Suzuka Circuit East Course
    • Road Course / Indy
    • Road Course / Daytona


    • Rome
    • Rome / Reverse
    • Special Stage Route 7 / Night
    • Special Stage Route 7 / Rain / Night
    • Circuito de Madrid
    • Circuito de Madrid Mini
    • Circuito de Madrid / Reverse
    • Circuito de Madrid Mini / Reverse
    • Tokyo R246
    • Tokyo R246 / Reverse
    • Special Stage Route 5 / Night
    • Special Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night
    • Clubman Stage Route 5 / Night
    • Clubman Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night
    • Côte d’Azur
    • London
    • London / Reverse

    Snow and Dirt

    • Toscana / Change Time
    • Toscana / Reverse / Change Time
    • Chamonix Main
    • Chamonix Main / Snow
    • Chamonix East
    • Chamonix East / Snow
    • Chamonix West
    • Chamonix West / Snow
    • Chamonix Mini
    • Chamonix Mini / Snow
    • Eiger Nordwand K Trail
    • Eiger Nordwand G Trail
    • Eiger Nordwand W Trail
    • Eiger Nordwand K Trail / Reverse
    • Eiger Nordwand G Trail / Reverse
    • Eiger Nordwand W Trail / Reverse
  • Homefront 2 First Details Revealed by THQ

    Homefront is yet to released but THQ has already drawn lines for its sequel, as Danny Bilson reveals very first detail about Homefront 2.

    Homefront 2

    Danny said that Homefront 2 will going to have all new features and setting along with new playable characters.

    "The sequel has new features and doesn't even deal with the same characters, It takes place on the other side of the Mississippi -- nobody knows what's going on over there because the North Koreans have irradiated the Mississippi with radioactive iodine and nobody can cross it without a hazmat suit. It's very interesting stuff."

  • Gran Turismo 5 Trophy List Revealed?

    Sony is yet to announced a release date for their upcoming game title Gran Turismo 5 after confirming its delayed way back in October. However a well known website in Czech Republic has reveal a complete trophy list of the game.

    GT 5

    There isn't any official confirmation although regarding legitimate of this trophy list. Check out the list below:

    1. Hidden Trophy
    2. Hidden Trophy
    3. Hidden Trophy
    4. Penniless - Spend every last Credit your have - Bronze
    5. Colourful - Collect 256 paint colours - Bronze
    6. The Air of Experience - Raise a B-Spec driver to the peak of this career - Bronze
    7. A Star is Born - Train a B-Spec driver up to Class 30 or above Bronze
    8. Human Stopwatch - Complete three consecutive laps with tomes within 0.2 seconds of the Best Lap Time - Bronze
    9. GT-R Official Record - Achieve a time of 729.03 on Nurburgring Nordshleife in a Nissan GT-R 07 - Bronze
    10. Dream Race - Win the ultimate three-way showdown between a Ford MarkIV Race Car, a Ferrari 330 P4 - Bronze
    11. Arch Rivals - Achieve a one-two finish in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and a Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI - Bronze
    12. Within One Hundredth - Win a race by a margin of 0.01 seconds or less - Bronze
    13. 111 Meters a Second - Achieve a speed of 400km/h - Bronze
    14. Speed Demon - Achieve a speed of 300km/h - Bronze
    15. Sky-High Roller - Buy an insanely expensive car - Bronze
    16. High Roller - Bought a seriously expensive car - Bronze
    17. Maximum Mileage - Buy a used car with 300 000km or more travel distance - Bronze
    18. Half a Century of Cars - Own at least one car each from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s - Bronze
    19. Old-Timer - Acquire a car manufactured in 1959 or earlier - Bronze
    20. Multi-Millionaire - Possess an Ivane amount of money - Bronze
    21. Car Collector - Fill your Garage with 1000 cars - Bronze
    22. Beyond the Autobahn - Drive 12,718km in total - the length of all Germany's Autobahns combined - Bronze
    23. Driving Music - Use the Personal BGM function, and go for a drive while listening to your favourite songs Bronze
    24. Data Analyst - Analyse your performance using the Data Logger - Bronze
    25. Dream Drifter - Get 10 000 points or more in a Sector Mode Drift Trial - Bronze
    26. Race Ready - Perform Racing Modifications on one of your cars - Bronze
    27. Loony Tune - Spend an Ivane amount of money on tuning a car - Bronze
    28. Course Designer - Create and share a track - Bronze
    29. Proud Owner - Take and Share a photo - Bronze
    30. The Right Direction - Win your first B-Spec event race - Bronze
    31. Win Number One - Win your first A-Spec event race - Bronze
    32. Gran Turismo Karting Experience - Complete the Gran Turismo Karting Experience Special Event - Bronze
    33. Jeff Gordon NASCAR School - Complete the Jeff Gordon NASCAR School Special Event - Bronze
    34. Top Gear Test Track - Complete the Top Gear Test Track Special Event - Bronze
    35. AMG Driving Academy - Complete the AMG Driving Academy Special Event - Bronze
    36. Gran Turismo Rally - Complete the Gran Turismo Rally Special Event - Bronze
    37. Grand Tour - Complete the Grand Tour Special Event- Bronze
    38. Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge - Complete the Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge Special Event - Bronze
    39. Hidden Trophy
    40. National C License - Complete the C License - Bronze
    41. National B License - Complete the B License - Bronze
    42. National A License - Complete the A License - Bronze
    43. International C Licence - Complete the International C Licence - Bronze
    44. International B Licence - Complete the International B Licence - Bronze
    45. International A Licence - Complete the International A Licence - Bronze
    46. Super License - Complete the S License - Bronze
    47. Beginner Series Complete - Complete the Beginner series of Race Events - Bronze
    48. Professional Series Complete - Complete the Professional series of Race Events - Bronze
    49. Amateur Series Complete - Complete the Amateur series of Race Events - Bronze
    50. Professional Series Complete - Complete the Professional series of Race Events - Bronze
    51. Expert Series Complete - Complete the Expert series of Race Events - Bronze
    52. Extreme Series Complete - Complete the Extreme series of Race Events - Bronze
    53. Hidden Trophy
    54. Hidden Trophy
    55. Finale - Reach the end movie - Gold
    56. Epert Manager - Reach B-Spec Level 40 - Silver
    57. Excellent Driver - Reach A-Spec Level 40 - Silver
    58. Gold Standard - Get a gold trophy in every race event, license test and special event - Gold
    59. Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy - Earn every single Gran Turismo 5 Trophy - Platinum
    60. Hidden Trophy
  • Rockstar Releasing New LA Noire Trailer On November 11

    Rockstar has announced that they will be releasing a new LA Noire trailer on 11th November (Thursday). According the the details the trailer will go live around 5pm GMT.

    LA Noire

    Initially it was said that the game will be a PS3 exclusive but it will now be coming out for Xbox 360 as well. The gameplay story is set in 1947 where gamers will play the role of Cole Phelps.

    Well its still two more days to go for trailer till than have a look at the very first trailer for the game which was released way back in 2006.

  • THQ Revealed Major Details About Darksiders 2

    THQ has revealed some key information regarding Darksiders 2 a sequel to Joe Mad's inspired take on a post-apocalyptic Earth. At IGDA Leadership Forum Danny Bilson said that Darksiders 2 will feature new playable character with completely new mechanics and features.

    Darksiders 2

    "When we do the Darksiders sequel, it'll be a different character and take place simultaneously to the other story, There's only one apocalypse, I couldn't very well have four different apocalypses, one for each rider. It has some new mechanics and some very robust features that differentiate it a lot and grow it from the first game because you have to build on the first one, you can't repeat it. I think that's very important in franchise-building."

  • EA registers SSX: Deadly Descent domains

    Now this one came out from Blue. Electronic Arts has registered a total of five new domain  name for their snowboarding franchise SSX.


    This new domain name registration by EA points only to one thing that is a new game title in series potentially titled as SSX: Deadly Descent.

    Here is the details about the domain name registered:

  • New PS3 Headset announced officially

    Few days ago, news leaked that Sony is bringing new PS3 headset and Now its Official. Sony announced the new PS3 Bluetooth Headset officially. This is about 30% smaller and to suppress noise better than the present model. The new Bluetooth Headset is compatible with devices with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher. Otherwise, the two headsets are identical in construction. The price for the new headset is $49.99 and will soon be available.

    New PS3 Headset

    "Gadget fiends take note - the new Bluetooth Headset isn't just for gaming. The improved mobile phone feature support allows you to use features such as three-way calling and call waiting. And with nearly six hours of talk time, you can easily take the Bluetooth Headset with you straight from the living room to the streets", Sony said.

  • Fallout: New Vegas 5 Million Units shipped with sales of $300 Million

    Bethesda Softworks today announced that its recent Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment has broken sales records of previous titles in series. Five million units of Fallout: New Vegas have been distributed worldwide for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and has also produced a significant volume of digital downloads, which represents more than $300 million in retail sales.

    Fallout: New Vegas screenshot

    Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks said:


    "We are delighted by the reception Fallout: New Vegas has received from fans around the world. Despite the large launch quantities for this title, we have already received substantial re-orders from our retail partners, underscoring the tremendous popularity of this highly entertaining game. We believe Fallout: New Vegas will be the 'must buy' title for gamers throughout the holiday season."