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  • Crytek's Codename Kingdoms is a FPS Kinect game?

    Some new information has cropped up related to Codename: Kingdoms (Xbox 360 exclusive). According to a source at Gamasutra, Codename: Kingdoms is a first person melee game title that uses Kinect.

  • Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 confirmed for Eurogamer Expo

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that the company will be bringing Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 to this year Eurogamer Expo. The news was confirmed by EA’s UK marketing director Stuart Lang.

    FIFA 12 screen

    “Last year’s Eurogamer Expo was a huge success and we’re very happy to be supporting the show in force this year,” Stuart Lang said. “We expect Battlefield 3 to blow people away when they get hands-on with it.”

    Eurogamer MD Rupert Loman added: “We’re delighted that EA is supporting the show with such a fantastic line-up.”

  • Treyarch: PSN to get Black Ops double XP weekend

    Treyarch has just confirmed that PS3 owners won't miss out on COD: Black Ops double XP session. The developer confirmed that there won't be be double XP this weekend because of ongoing PSN outage, but the studio is currently working on something for when PSN back up and running.

    Black Ops

    David Vonderhaar, game design director at Treyarch, tweeted:

    "FAQ: What about PSN 2x XP, will I miss out? A: Absolutely not. Details to come. A plan is being crafted with top men who own BIG watches,"

    Double XP weekend for Xbox 360 gamers begins this evening.

  • Hitman 5 will be reveal next week?

    Hitman 5 to be reveal this week?, yes if recent teasing tweet from IO Interactive is to believed.  The company just a while ago tweeted:

    “News Flash! Next week is going to be good. Very good. Get ready for incoming shrapnel. Keep your eyes open!”

    Hitman 5 screen

    Immediately after the tweet, speculation started arising that the Danish developer will make official announcement of Hitman 5.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic development cost is $80 million

    Want to know how much EA is spending on Star Wars: The Old Republic, its whooping $80 million, according to report from Gamespot.

    If the figure is true than, Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most expensive video game ever made, its very much close to GTA IV which reportedly cost $100 million.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic logo

    Even after spending such an astronomical cost on development, publisher is confident that it will make profit out of it. EA predicts it could reach 1.5 million loyal paying subscriber when Star Wars: The Old Republic releases.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is slated to release later this year.

  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Achievements list

    Traveller's Tales, developer of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, has revealed complete achievements list for the game. According to the details revealed by the developer Lego Pirates of the Caribbean features a total of 40 achievements. We have listed below details of each and every achievements in the game along with the hints to achieve them.

    Lego Pirates of the Caribbean box art

    Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is slated to release on May 10 in North America, on May 13 in Europe and in Australia on May 19.

    Check out the list below:

    Welcome to the Caribbean! (12 points)
    Complete Port Royal

    Hello, poppet! (15 points)
    Unlock all Elizabeth characters (Single Player Only)

    The Green Flash
    (15 points)
    Watch a sunset

    You may throw my hat (40 points)
    Collect all the red hats (Single Player Only)

    A weather eye on the horizon (15 points)
    Use a spyglass

    More what you’d call guidelines
    (15 points)
    Complete the Brethren Court

    A pirate’s life for me
    (15 points)
    Test any custom character

    The worst pirate I’ve ever seen (15 points)
    Complete Port Royal in Story with zero studs

    The Brethren Court (25 points)
    Unlock all the Pirate Lord characters (Single Player Only)

    The best pirate I’ve ever seen (15 points)
    Complete Port Royal in Story without dying

    On Stranger Tides (20 points)
    Complete the Film 4 story

    Take what you can (65 points)
    Collect all Gold bricks (Single Player Only)

    At World’s End (20 points)
    Complete the Film 3 story

    The Curse of the Black Pearl (20 points)
    Complete the Film 1 story

    Dead Man’s Chest (20 points)
    Complete the Film 2 story

    Do you fear death? (25 points)
    Unlock all the Flying Dutchman crew characters (Single Player Only)

    The pirate all pirates fear
    (25 points)
    Unlock all the Queen Anne’s Revenge crew characters (Single Player Only)

    Believing in ghost stories
    (25 points)
    Unlock all the cursed Black Pearl crew characters (Single Player Only)

    Now bring me that horizon
    (100 points)
    Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)

    Here there be monsters
    (15 points)
    Get eaten by a creature in deadly water

    Gents, take a walk
    (20 points)
    Walk on the sea bed with all possible characters

    I am a bad man (15 points)
    Play a level with all Extras turned on (Single Player Only)

    Sea turtles, mate (25 points)
    Ride on all types of animal in the game

    There’s the Jack I know (25 points)
    Get True Pirate in all levels (Single Player Only)

    Aye-aye, captain! (15 points)
    Play a level in co-op

    You’re off the edge of the map (15 points)
    Highlight the secret 6th point on all 4 level select maps (Single Player Only)

    Hello, beastie
    (25 points)
    Get eaten by the Kraken 10 times

    (15 points)
    Fire 100 cannonballs

    Fight to the bitter end! (20 points)
    Defeat 100 enemies

    Five lashes be owed (15 points)
    As Jimmy Legs, whip Will Turner 5 times

    Hoist the colours!
    (50 points)
    Sail all the minikits in the hub

    Parley! (25 points)
    Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)

    What do you want most?
    (25 points)
    In any level use only the compass to find all it’s secrets in one go, alone.

    You filthy, slimy, mangy cur!
    (15 points)
    Complete all the Guard Dog levels

    Try wearing a corset (15 points)
    Do 5 lady backflips in a row

    Pieces of Eight
    (88 points)
    Reach 888,888,888 studs

    Did everybody see that?
    (20 points)
    High dive into the Maelstrom

    Wind in your sails!
    (15 points)
    Hit a flying parrot on Smuggler’s Den

    And really bad eggs (25 points)
    Play as all the Extra Toggle characters

    (15 points)
    Unlock all the Jack Sparrow characters (Single Player Only)

  • Virtua Tennis 4 Achievements for Xbox 360

    The Achievements list for SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4 is out now. The best and the biggest tennis game in the marker "Virtua Tennis 4" features 48 achievements in total. Details of each achievements is listed below along with the tips and tricks to earn it.

    Virtua Tennis 4 Xbox 360 box art

    Check out list below:

    Moneybags (30 points)
    Collect 1000 coins in Coin Match

    Wind Master
    (20 points)
    Pop 3 balloons in one Wind Match

    Wall Whiz (10 points)
    Hit a wall 5 times with the ball in one Wall Match

    Hat Tricker (20 points)
    Score 3 goals in a row in Ace Striker

    Poker Face (30 points)
    Get 10 royal straight flushes in Royal Poker

    Bomb Fiend (10 points)
    Detonate 20 bombs in the opponent’s court in Bomb Match

    Accomplished (30 points)
    Become: Accomplished

    Ultimate Star (50 points)
    Become: Ultimate Star

    Good Partner (20 points)
    Acquire 3 doubles partners

    World Debut (10 points)
    Participate in the World Tour

    World Tour Cleared! (20 points)
    Clear the game

    Famous (20 points)
    Become: Famous

    Doubles Grand Slammer (20 points)
    Clear Doubles Mode

    Great King (30 points)
    Defeat the King in Arcade Mode Singles

    Arcade Star (10 points)
    Achieve a player score of 5,000,000 points

    Arcade Beginner (10 points)
    Clear a stage in Arcade Mode

    Doubles Beginner (10 points)
    Clear a stage in Arcade Mode Doubles

    Grand Slammer
    (20 points)
    Clear Singles Mode

    Exhibitionist (10 points)
    Play 10 Exhibition Matches

    Great Sniper (10 points)
    Achieve a 5x Combo in Clay Shooting

    Mother Hen (20 points)
    Deliver at least 10 chicks simultaneously to their mother in Egg Collector

    Arcade Hero (20 points)
    Achieve a player score of 7,770,000 points

    Medal Collector
    (20 points)
    Earn three Points Won medals

    Balloon Popper (10 points)
    Pop 30 balloons in Practice Mode

    Endless Rally! (20 points)
    Sustain a rally for 30 shots

    Super Player (40 points)
    Hit 100 super shots

    Crowd Pleaser (10 points)
    Hit a running shot

    Big Hitter (40 points)
    Hit 250 MAX Serves

    Pushing it to the MAX
    ! (20 points)
    Hit four consecutive MAX serves

    Power Smash! (50 points)
    Hit 250 smashes

    Swing Machine
    (20 points)
    Swing 5000 times

    Best Stroker (20 points)
    Win 100 points with ground strokes

    Volley Master
    (20 points)
    Win 100 points with volleys

    All-Out Player (10 points)
    Hit a diving shot

    Rocket Server (10 points)
    Hit a serve at 200km/h (124.3mph) or faster

    Marathon Runner (20 points)
    Run 42km (26mi)

    Tycoon (20 points)
    Earn 1,000,000 in total prize money

    Shopaholic (20 points)
    Purchase 50 types of items in the Kit Catalogue

    Online Debut (10 points)
    Play online with a customised character

    My Style (10 points)
    Acquire a play style

    100 Stars! (20 points)
    Earn 100 stars

    20 Awards! (30 points)
    Earn 20 awards

    Online Master (50 points)
    Reach Rank A

    10 Wins! (10 points)
    Win 10 matches

    Loving It! (20 points)
    Win 10 Love games

    First Online Victory
    (20 points)
    Win a Ranked Match

    Online Streak (20 points)
    Win three consecutive Ranked Matches

    Online Veteran
    (30 points)
    Log 10 hours of online play time

  • L.A. Noire Will release on 3 discs for Xbox 360

    Rockstar Games, developer of L.A Noire has revealed today that Xbox 360 version of the game will have 3 disc. The game has over 50 hours of dialogue, over 400 actors across 2000 pages of script.

    LA Noire

    "L.A. Noire was always going to be a massive game, from the size and detail of the world to the length of the cases, and of course, the sheer amount of MotionScan data required for the faces of over 400 actors in-game," Jeronimo Barrera, told Kotaku.

    "To tell the story and make the game we wanted to make, we knew that it was going to take an entire single layer Blu-ray disc and three Xbox discs."

  • Football Manager 2011 available now for iPad

    iPad gamers rejoice as Sega just announced that Football Manager 2011 is now available. The iPad version of the game feature 11 leagues with 34 playable diision, an easy to use tactic system, player training, social integration through Twitter, in-game tutorial and many more things.

    Football Manager 2011

    The game also features “car/stadium finder,” that allow gamers to find where they parked their car, or got off the train or bus, to football grounds in England, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany & Spain and back again.

    The cost is £6.99 or €9.99

  • THQ announces Saints Row: Initiation Station

    THQ has announced Saints Row: Initiation Station, which is nothing but a free character creation system that allowed players to create their own character in upcoming game title Saints Row: The Third.

    According to publisher players will be able to create characters “inspired by your favorite downward-spiraling train wreck celebrity, prima donna professional athlete, or as Steelport’s newest costumed superhero (or villain).”

    Saint Row 3

    Gamers will also be able to shared the created characters with friends, and can also download other characters from other players.

    Saints Row: Initiation Station will be available for free of cost for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, those who pre-order Red Faction: Armageddon will have an early access to it.