Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Just Cause 2 Pinata Party achievement

    A video to help gamers get themself a Pinata Party achievement in Just Case 2 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3), gamers has to do one  task for gettig this, they have to kill a total of 5 enemies but with a melee attack and they have to be suspended with a  grappling hook.

  • 2XL Supercross for PC Released

    Developer of popular game title ATV off-road Fury and MX Unleashed 2XL game is back with a bang as they announce today the release of their new game title for PC name 2XL Super cross. This 2XL Supercross will be a all new racing game for the gamers which is look very easy to learn but at the same time it will be difficut to beat. The game is availabe for only $9.99 through steam and it will be availabe soon for others also.

    The feature which the 2XL Suoercross will offer to the PC gamer are listed below:

    • Supercross and Freestyle tracks designed by Motocross champion Stephane Roncada
    • Three modes of play: Time Trials, Practice and Racing
    • Ride 125cc, 250cc and 450cc bikes
    • Select your appearance from hundreds of different bike and rider combinations
    • Race with up to eight bikes and riders
    • Four camera views including first person with handle bars
    • Customizable controls
    • Adjustable levels of difficulty
    • Statistics tracking with web-based community and rankings on

  • New Mutation mode for L4D2

    Left 4 Dead 2 now see a new passing DLC release by Valve, this first weekly mutation will give gamers a addition of time-limited gameplay mode for their gamelay, and a Bleed Out mode where gamers health will deteriorating slowly and any health pack for their help will also be remove ann they will be force to strive on pills and adrenaline for getting themself boost.

    Valve has also said that they will be releasing more and more(Over 20) mutations on a weekly basis. SO get your hands on to all the new DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 by Valve.

  • Mega Men Zero Collection Release Date for Nintendo DS in US

    The Mega Man Zero collection release date is out for the gamers of North America, it will b releaseing on 8th June 2010 with a price of $29.99 and it will be for Nintendo DS for the very first time.

    This Mega Men Zero Collection for DS will consist of all new modes of gameplay for the gamers like easy scenario and many more, this Mega Men Zero collection will also have all the four Mega Man Zero game. So wait till June 8th for release of Mega Man Zero collection for Nintendo DS.

  • Playing WOW on the IPAD

    Dave Perry has uploaded a photo to his Blog  where you can see World of Warcraft running on an IPAD.

    To achieve the creator of Earthworm Jim or classical sagas MDK said to be using its streaming service Gaikai games.

    Perry says the game is running from this system by an ordinary WiFi connection, and although the picture can not appreciate the performance that works well and ensures that players of WoW with IPAD can check.

    "We are very interested in seeing what works well in streaming and we'll try to test each task, in all possible devices," he says in his blog.

  • Steam for Linux

    As few days back we got the news from valve that Mac version for Steam is about to release and they have announced its released date, look it here Steam for Mac Dated . As read out there in the script to launch the Steam version for MAC is made certain references to the development of the Steam client for Linux systems. And if this approach will be successful and valve gets new games to migrate into it then i would be the one to stop using windows first, seems soon Linux going to overcome from its biggest weakness against the windows which is gaming.

    Screenshot Of The Linux Steam Client

    And is that the rumor seems true, since in the website it seems that Valve is looking Integration certain knowledge.


  • Toy Story 3 Zurg Destruction trailer

    Disney is building PlayStation Move compatible gameplay - and other PS3 exclusive features - into the upcoming Toy Story 3 videogame.

  • Steam for Mac Dated

    The most famouse online gaming tool Steam is soon coming for Mac operating systems. Till now Steam was just available for windows, but now Valve has announced that soon there will be Mac version of Steam. They have annouced the Mac Steam version date, and the date which set is May 12.

    Now mac users will not have to wait much more days, Soon Steam will be playable on Apple hardware PC's. While the service will offer an initially limited catalogue, it's set to expand over the coming months and finally position Apple's computers as a viable gaming platform. Portal 2 will be the first major new release from Valve, releasing day and date with the PC version.