Latest Video Games News and Updates

  • Apple Quietly Launches New Game Store

    Now this one was not at all expected, A look at the Apple website will give you a surprise as it has opened their own new game store.

    Apple Game Store, Game Store

    The new Games Section allow its visitors to get all the information regarding the latest games, watch game trailers and even purchase the game directly. Currently it has listed Starcraft II for $60 and Modern Warfare for $55.

    This new developement from Apple is seen as a move against Steam, who recently launced a Mac functionality.

  • PS3 firmware update 3.50 Available for Download

    Sony has release the new PS3 Firmware 3.50 for download. With this new PS3 Firmware user will see lots of new features added, the most important one among all being 3D Blu-Ray player for PS3.

    Playstation Network, PSN

    Lots of other new features are also added with the latest firmare update for example making use of Move as a web browser cursor.

    Here is the list of new features and changes:

    • 3D Blu-Ray support
    • PS Move can be used as web browser cursor.
    • Users reports can be sent from PS3 through the ‘Friends’ tab.
    • 3D notification screen for 3D enabled games.
    • Access to your Facebook profile
    • Better description of the 14 most common errors.
    • Updated user interface for PlayStation Plus in PlayStation Store.
    • New Qriocity icon in the Music section. Service still unavailable (EU only).
  • No Child of Eden for 3DS and Wii: Ubisoft

    Are you among those who are waiting for Child of Eden to come out on 3DS or Wii, than you will be get disappointment reading this, as Ubisoft has confirmed to one of the gaming website that Child of Eden won't be coming out on 3DS or Wii.

    Child of Eden, Child of Eden for Wii and 3DS

    Here is what the product manager Lindsay Gray said when asked about the game coming out on Wii or 3DS, “Not a chance,”.

    The reason given out for not releasing the game on Wii and 3DS seems to be the lack of HD support as he further add, "This game is an audio/visual experience. HD is very important to that."

  • Microsoft Expanding Zune to UK this fall

    Microsoft has given out the details about the further expansion of Zune.

    Zune, a digital entertainment service of Microsoft for PC, Window Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE will bring lots of new features and software updates for its subscriber. This autumn Zune will bring the following things to its customer in United Kingdom:

    • Zune Software
    • Zune Marketplace online store
    • Zune Pass music subscription service
    • And many enhanced features on

    Microsoft Zune, Zune, Zune for UK

    Revealing the details Craig Eisler said, "The integration between Zune, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE is an exciting advance in our entertainment offering,".

    "Zune enables users access to the entertainment they want, wherever they want it - and now, more people than ever will be able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that the Zune service offers."

    A monthly subscription service of Zune Pass will be available for all users for a price of  £8.99 giving them unlimited access to Zune Music (For Window PC and Windows Phone 7), Gold membership is required for Xbox LIVE to have this benefit.

  • CoD: Black Ops development near to completion

    Call of Duty: Black Ops development is near to completion, confirmed by the Josh Olin.

    The Community Manager Josh Olin tweeted via Twitter, "Home sweet home! I hear #CODBlackOps is nearing completion... Can't wait to see how far it has progressed since I've been on the road."

    Call of Duty Black Ops Screenshot, COD

    A release is dated for the 09 November 2010. Even now it has already exceeded pre-orders count of the Modern Warfare 2 and it is hoped that the this Call of Duty will also surpass hit again.

    If you haven't pre-order it then do it now here, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

  • Alan Wake: The Writer DLC Will Be The Last

    Myllrinne Matias, Head  of Remedy Entertainment, has said that the second DLC for Alan Wake, The Writer, will be the last DLC to be release for its game.

    Alan Wake, Alan Wake DLC, Alan Wake: The Writer DLC

    It is noted that at first there was talks going around that there was a third DLC in development for the game, but it finally seems to not see the light. Since end of July the first DLC to the game "The Signal" is available for free only to those gamers who have the original game.

  • PSN Will Be Down Tomorrow for Maintenance

    Sony has official confirmed that PSN will be down tomorrow for a regular maintaince work.

    The official Playstation Blog gives out the details about the development, it reads that the maintaince will begin 8am Pacific Time (September 21) and it will goes on until 5pm.

    Playstation Network, PSN

    During this time period user will find problem and issue signing into their PSN account and they will not be able to get access to any of the Playstation Network Services like Playstation Store, Playstation Home.