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Fortnite’s Success Allow Epic To Cut Unreal Engine Marketplace Fees

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Epic Games has announced a cut in the fees for developers who load and sell their assets on Unreal Engine Marketplace, which has been made possible thanks to the success of the marketplace itself and Fortnite.

Where To Find Rifts In Fortnite Season 5

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Fortnite Season 5 Rifts Locations

Rifts are mini portals in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5, that offers you a temporary escape by launching you in the sky where you have to plan your landing.

Pokemon Quest Evolution Guide | Pokemon And Level At Which They Evolve

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Pokemon Quest Evolution Guide

In this Pokemon Quest Evolution guide, we have listed all Pokemon available in the game, at what level each Pokemon evolve and into which form.

How To Transfer Pokemon Quest Save Game File Between iOS And Android

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Save Game Transfer Pokemon Quest

Guide to transfer/migrate save game files between iOS device to Android device and vice versa, the data from the source device will be lost.

Pokemon Quest - 7 Best Beginners Tips & Tricks To Get You Started

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Pokemon Quest Beginners Tips

Pokemon Quest Beginners guide will help you to learn a lot about the game and plan out your strategy to progress faster. Here's our list of 7 best beginners tips and tricks to get you started in Pokemon Quest.

How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Quest

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Pokemon Quest - How To Catch A Legendary Pokemon

Catching Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Quest is easier compared to other Pokemon games. In this Pokemon Quest Legendary Pokemon guide you will know how to catch Legendary Pokemon’s and Mystical Pokemon easily.

Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide | All Recipes List And How To Cook Them

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Pokemon Quest Recipes Guide

In this guide, you will get a list of All Recipes including Swole Syrup Recipe with their ingredient list to attract Pokemons in Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest Movesets Guide | All Pokemon Movesets, How To Swap Moves

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Pokemon Quest Movesets

In Pokemon Quest, there around 151 Pokemon and they all have different movesets. In this Pokemon Quest Moveset guide, you will find a list of Pokemon, their Movesets, and tips on how to swap Movesets.

How To Catch Pikachu In Pokemon Quest - All Pikachu Recipe

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Pokemon Quest All Pikachu Recipe

To lure Pikachu you will need Pikachu Recipe in Pokemon Quest, in this guide you can find all three the recipes Watt a Risotto, Yellow Curry & Mulligan Stew and their ingredients.

Xbox One Update 11 Changelog - PUBG

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PUBG Update 11

PUBG Update 11 for Xbox One is out and it carries fix for the number of bugs, improves overall performance and stability of the game.