Best vendor weapons and items to buy in Back 4 Blood

Go on a spending spree.

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Back 4 Blood has a progression system by way of cards and decks unlocked by spending supply points. Likewise, there’s a currency called copper that you’ll want to take note of. It’s used to purchase equipment at the start of each mission. Here’s our guide to help you with the best vendor weapons and items to buy in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood: The best weapons and items to buy from the vendor crate

The vendor at the start of each mission in Back 4 Blood is actually just a cache found in the safe house. If you interact with it, you’ll see the stuff that you can purchase. You can return to the initial safe house even after exiting it. However, it’ll be inaccessible in a short while.

Thankfully, the copper you’ve amassed will carry over across multiple missions. If you want, you could just keep the same basic weapons as you go along, choosing attachments and upgrades when necessary. In any case, here are our suggestions on what you need to grab from the vendor cache in Back 4 Blood:

  • Ammo – It’s always a good idea to have full ammo whenever you head out.
  • Team Upgrades – These tend to cost roughly 1,500 copper. But, these power-ups affect your entire squad. We suggest taking Team Ammo and Team Stamina if possible so you can boost your offensive capabilities and mobility, respectively.
  • Weapons – As far as the best vendor weapons to buy in Back 4 Blood, you’re looking at several options:
    • Assault rifles or light machine guns (i.e., M249) – These firearms pack a punch and they’ve got a lot of ammo. Because you’re going up against hordes of undead, it’s always a good idea to have loads of bullets.
    • Melee weapons (i.e., hatchet or bat) – Melee weapons can keep you swinging for the fences since they can easily take out most regular Ridden. In fact, Holly’s playstyle is suitable for a melee combat.
    • Weapons and attachments have their own rarities, too, that denote better stats. Of course, higher rarities mean that they’re also more expensive.
  • Attachments – Different weapons can have various attachments or mods. If you already have an attachment for a particular slot, then buying something else for that same slot will drop that item. Ideally, though, you’ll want to focus on the magazine attachments. Extended Mags increase the magazine size. Meanwhile, AP Ammo increases bullet penetration. In other cases, you might see legendary versions like the Fast +P Mag (seen in the image below) which gives +30% reload speed and +10% bullet damage.
  • Accessories – It’s always great to have inventory slots filled up with the following:
    • Frag Grenade – This is great if you want to quickly clear mobs in an area.
    • Pipe Bomb – Great for attracting the undead and blasting them with an explosion.
    • First Aid – Ensures that you’re in tip-top condition.
    • Tool Kit – If you’re playing with buddies, one player can opt to have this so they can open locked doors. The rooms you discover here can be very helpful since they could have ammo crates, healing cabinets, or ideal spots to take out hordes.
    • Stun Gun – Useful when you need to escape from binding/grapple situations to avoid getting incapacitated. You definitely don’t want your teammates to panic if they need to rescue you.
Screenshot by Gamepur