Best assault rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone (Season 4)

Become a walking Victory Royale.

Lately, it feels as if Call of Duty: Warzone has become much tougher, whether fighting after you first drop or battling it out near the end of the royale. Although hacking has been a consistent problem that’s starting to fade away, its actually the matter your gun of choice that has likely deterred you from winning gunfights. Each season the game’s developer, Infinity Ward, tends to either nerf or buff weapons that seem to not play as expected. So, we find it important to highlight possibly the best category of guns, Assault Rifles, and point to those that may lead you to win a handful of games.

Here are our choices for the five best ARs in Warzone, from least to most powerful:

5. FR 5.56

The FR 5.56 barely makes the cut, here, primarily due to its lack of up-close advantages. As a three-round burst only, the FR 5.56 is quite accurate when providing crucial damage at a medium to long-range. The best advice one can give is that you only obtain this gun through loadout drops. Warzone purposely looks to minimize the number of players still standing by ramping the odds of picking up mediocre ‘common’ guns, as its base model is one of those. If you see one of these lying around after you drop-in, you’re better off using your pistol to save time and a trip to the Gulag.

4. Kilo 141

In July, the Kilo 141 has been seen as the underdog of sorts. Streamers have been promoting both the Grau and M13, and it’s about time to shed some spotlight on the Kilo 141. If you’re confident in your aim, this is just as great as the Grau, with both establishing an estimated 42 damage per headshot. That means it will take up to only six shots to end your opponent. However, if you struggle to find your right trigger at times, scroll down some more. It tends to use up a whole clip on kills that target the legs or torso. If you decide to go the Kilo route, our recommendation is to construct a build that emphasizes magazine size and mid-range aim. You won’t be the kill leader on your squad, but you’ll be an impactful teammate.

3. M4A1

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We don’t usually like to speak on the sadder topics in video games, but this conversation must touch on that, for your sake. It breaks our hearts to say that the M4A1 is no longer a top-notch choice in Warzone. For one, a bad reputation has been sprung onto it, as Season Four turned the M4 into a three-round burst weapon when obtained outside of drops. The three-round burst is as good as a stick, as far as we’re concerned. However, if used via a loadout, you cannot go wrong with whatever you put on it. It has been weakened over the past few seasons, but body shots are much kinder than those of the Kilo 141, and its range is no joke.

2. M13

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The M13 is definitely the best close-range AR in the game, so far. If you weaponize it with a bigger magazine, you have good odds against even two or three amateur players. As a lighter gun, your movement is also much faster than the others’ mentioned so far. You’ll find many streamers, who show off their loadouts, usually carrying an M13 with the Tempus Marksmen. Although the barrel is prioritized for medium-range, it lands some killer punches while up-close. With the Tempus and Monolithic Suppressor attached, the M13 is undoubtedly one of the five best guns in the entire game.

1. Grau 5.56

Added post-launch, the best assault rifle has slowly become the Grau 5.56. After each weekly patch, the Grau hasn’t faced any hardships from the developers. Instead, its something of an all-around powerhouse. Sure, the medium-range is what its best for (even without attachments), but an AR that’s such a heavy threat long-range is hard to come by. If you simply want to be the best and win, we say you should use it with the Monolithic Suppressor, Archangel Barrel, and Commando Foregrip attached, to transform yourself into a true team leader.

Of course, these guns are just as worthy in Modern Warfare, so feel free to give them a try there first. If you’re looking for something a bit more stealthy in the long-range department, we can also help you become an on-point Marksman with snipers in Warzone.