Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 12 – all epic quests and map challenges

Time to grind.


The epic quests and map challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 12 have been revealed thanks to noted leaker iFiremonkey. There is lots to do in Week 12 to earn that all-important experience for your Battle Pass.

There are 7 Epic Quests, worth 20000 XP each for a total of 140000 XP. After that is a five-stage Legendary Quest where the first stage is worth 55000 XP and the four following stages are worth 22000 XP each. This means a total of 283000 XP is up for grabs this week, which is a substantial boost to your Battle Pass.

There is a good variety of challenges this week, with lots of new places to visit on the map. As always, we will have plenty of guides on the day, when the challenges go live in the game. Dealing damage within 15 seconds of gliding might be a little awkward, but the good news is that everyone has to do it, so expect some harvesting tool fights when you land.

For all the location based challenges, we will be tracking down exactly where you need to go, so be sure to check back on Thursday February 16 for details on what to do.