MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show comprehensive player guide – What you need to know, tips, and tricks

Starting out in RTTS? We’ve got you covered.

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MLB The Show 22 is here, and so is Road to the Show (RTTS). RTTS is the career mode for MLB The Show 22, where users can try to live out a dream held by many: to make to the Major Leagues. But what do you need to know before hitting the field? In this guide, we’ll cover the key components of what you need to know for Road to the Show. This includes setting everything up prior to creating the save file, how you should customize your ballplayer, plus how to upgrade your Ballplayer and how to force certain moves. Additionally, we’ll also go over some tips that you should know for when you being your Road to the Show.

What you need to know for Road to the Show

Road to the Show, as the name, implies, allows players to being their professional baseball career in Double-A in the Minors. From there, work your way up the ladder by performing well, and eventually, you’ll make the Majors.

Road to the Show’s podcast returns for MLB The Show 22, but keep in mind that the cutscenes featuring Ben Gellman and various guests will only air for the current-gen. Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch users will have to settle for the audio version that plays in the background.

How should you get started?

Before you begin Road to the Show, here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Choose whether you want to be a Two-Way player – Two-way players will be able to play as both pitchers and position players. If you plan on being a pitcher, we recommend picking a pitcher-themed archetype. We do want to note that you can choose not to be a two-way player later on, should it become an issue.
  • Select a Ballplayer – This year, users can make up to 10 Ballplayers for MLB The Show 22. That’s a big increase from the one that users were limited to for MLB The Show 21.
  • Pick the right difficulty – Higher difficulties mean smaller PCIs, and that means hitting will be much more tough. If you are starting out with a particular Ballplayer, pick a low difficulty. This will make it easier to hit with lower attributes.
  • Tweak the batting stance – Make sure to pick the right batting stance. Batting stances can be selected and tuned via the Batting Stance Creator in the Ballplayer creation suite. Click here for our guide on our picks for the the best battings stances in MLB The Show 22.

You can find more information on how to get going in MLB The Show 22 down below.

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Don’t worry, users will be able to upgrade Ballplayer attributes once in Road to the Show. We should warn you, though. It won’t be easy to get those stats up, as it will require some grinding. Check out our guide for how to upgrade player attributes in Road to the Show.

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Archetypes are tied to Programs, but with a twist

Much like last year, archetypes need to be upgraded and unlocked through Programs and Missions. Each archetype comes with a Program. Users will need to complete in-game Missions in Road to the Show, in order to unlock loadout perks (added attribute boosts for Ballplayers), and new archetypes. We do need to note that unlike last year, all Program Missions can only be completed through Road to the Show. No Diamond Dynasty-specific Missions are mixed in with Road to the Show and Ballplayer.

What should pitchers do?

If you plan on being a pitcher, make sure to pick a good windup, and select saucy pitches. We have a primer down below on which pitches we think are the best for Road to the Show.

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And what about the knuckleball?

Last year, knuckleballers were extinct in Road to the Show. This was due to the fact that Ballplayer and Road to the Show were merged with Diamond Dynasty. While that is still true to some extent for 2022, players will be able to use a knuckleball again. However, the pitch is archetype-locked, and it does have online restrictions.

How to get the Call

Every pro ball player’s dream is to get that call from a Major League team. If you’re looking for how to get up all to the Bigs, check out our guide on that.

Need a fresh start?

Players can get traded in Road to the Show. But, you’ll need to know what prompts to go through, in order to force the organization’s hand. We have a guide on that, as well.


Now, here are some additional tips that you should know for Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22:

You can play it on the go, but…

Because MLB The Show 22 is now on the Nintendo Switch, users will have the option to take The Show on the go. However, be mindful about something very important. Because archetype Program progress is Mission-based, this means that you’ll need to have an online connection in order to make progress towards the Programs. If you don’t and complete some of the Missions, the progress will not register.

Keep that in mind, should you have some time and want to grind Road to the Show away from home. Also, make sure to back up save files on the cloud. This will allow you to back up those files, and use them across different platforms.

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Pick the right settings

Pitching and hitting settings are extremely important to success in Road to the Show. The reason is actually pretty simple: lowering the difficulty and tweaking other settings makes Missions easier to complete. As mentioned previously, lowering the difficulty makes the pitches come in a bit slower, and the PCI for hitters a bit larger. That will make it easier to hitters to pound opposing pitchers, and complete the objective-based missions. And for the pitchers, lowering the difficulty makes it easier to pinpoint pitches.

Plus, we also want to note that the right camera angles, and interfaces make a big difference. You can find our recommendations for the best hitting and pitching settings in this section.

Which team is not the right fit?

Listen, we do need to note that in some cases, there are teams that are just not the right fit. This dilemma is position-based, as playing a position in which a team is already deep in could mean a delay in making it up to The Show. For example, if you plan on being a first baseman for the Dodgers, it might be tough to get the call. Why? Well, the Dodgers have one of the league’s best first baseman in Freddie Freeman. This means that thanks to that position depth, you might be blocked.

If you don’t choose your team in MLB The Show 22, this dilemma can be sorted out by trying to force a trade. However, if you are choosing a team to start off with, keep this mind. Obviously, pitchers will have a bit of an easier time in this regard, since all MLB teams have a need for multiple starters and relievers. But if you plan on being a position player, this tip will matter.