Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Foothill Falls Collectibles & Where to Find Them

The Foothill Falls area of Koboh is not big, but it contains several helpful collectibles you need to track down in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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While you’re out exploring Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are multiple collectibles you’ll need to track down. There are collectibles in every region of the game, containing helpful items, items you can exchange with vendors, and appearance options for Cal. Many of the best ones are hidden within these chests.

The Foothill Falls contains several of these items, and you might encounter this location early on in your playthrough. Unfortunately, not everything is available to you immediately. Here’s what you need to know about where to find all the Foothill Falls collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find Every Foothill Falls Collectible in Jedi: Survivor

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You will find 12 Collectibles while exploring the Foothill Falls region in Jedi: Survivor. This is one of the many locations you can track down outside of Rambler’s Reach Outpost on the Koboh planet. We recommend checking it out early in your campaign and returning after you unlock new traversal abilities.

Although a smaller area than the Derelict Dam, the Devastated Settlement, or the Phon’Qi Caverns, the Foothill Falls holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I first encountered Skoova Stev and Isaved T-1N8 from the Abandoned Shack. It’s an excellent area to knock off the checklist early and contains numerous rewards to grab before the campaign takes off.

There are four categories of Collectibles you can find in Jedi: Survivor’s Foothill Falls area. You will find: Chests, Databank Entries, Seed Pods, and Treasures.

All Foothill Falls Chest Locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are four chests for you to track down while exploring Foothill Falls in Jedi: Survivor.

Chest LocationsChest CollectionDescriptionReward
Chest Location 1There is a Chest behind the house on the right side after you use the first zipline. This is the same location you can encounter Skoova Stev for the first time.Cal’s Slicked Back Hair
Chest Location 2You can find a chest at the bottom of the water, where you encounter Skoova Stev. Dive down to the bottom; you should find it on the upper right.Patience Pommel, Lightsaber
Chest Location 3There is a chest on the other side of the Foothill Falls canyon. You can reach this area by using the Relter. When you get to the other side, use the Nekko at the pools to get you up to the second area, overlooking the Abandoned Shack, and then use the Advanced Ascension Cable to latch on and reach the very top, where there is a chest you can use Force Lift on to destroy.Weapon Material, Droid Paint
Chest Location 4There is a Stim Upgrade canister in the back of the Abandoned Shack. You’ll need to find a Nekko at the bottom of the pools in this area and then use it to reach the cliffs. When you get up there, there’s a Roller Mine spawner you can use to destroy the door and get access to the Stim Canister.Stim Upgrade Canister

All Foothill Falls Databank locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are four Databank locations for you to find in Jedi: Survivor’s Foothill Falls.

Databank LocationsDatabank CollectionDescription
Databank Location 1When you reach the other side of the Foothill Falls canyon, to the left there is a small pool where you can find a Nekko. There should be a Databank entry for you to find, and BD-1 scans the location.
Databank Location 2You can find this Databank entry close to the canyon, next to the Relter flying in the air.
Databank Location 3To the right of Skoova Stev, and the pools, there is a large door that BD-1 can scan.
Databank Location 4You can find this Databank across from the final chest, across the canyon in Foothill Falls. This is an area you can reach by jumping onto the Yellow Balloon, above the Abandoned Shack.

All Foothill Falls Seed Pod locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are two Seed Pods you can find in Foothill Falls in Jedi: Survivor.

Seed Pod LocationsSeed Pod CollectionDescription
Seed Pod Location 1You can cross from one side of the Foothill Falls Canyon to the other using a Relter, and you must unlock the ability to tame one before you cross. On the other side is a Seed Pod, to the left of where you should land.
Seed Pod Location 2The second seed pod is not far from the first, on the other side of the Abandoned Shack.

All Foothill Falls Treasure locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are two Treasures you can find in the Foothill Falls in Jedi: Survivor.

Treasure LocationsTreasure CollectionDescriptionReward
Treasure Location 1To the left of the pool of water is a small ledge that you can run across. Follow this small path, and there will be a Treasure on the other end, on top of some crates.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 2When you reach the canyon on the other side of Foothill Falls, go down to the Nekko pool. On the right side, there is a wall you can run on that loops around the cavern. Jump on the wall and scale to the top, and there is a Treasure on the cliff overlooking the pools.Priorite Shard

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