Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Use Blue Electric Fuse Boxes

The Electric Fuse boxes are in select places in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but they prevent you from getting to certain places.

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There are multiple locations you can explore in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and a large Blue Electric Fuse blocks some locations. These fuses are faintly glowing, and these will allow you to explore additional locations or even unlock red chests you find out in the world.

The Blue Electric Fuses are the ones you use, but they don’t activate for you when you first start the game. These become available later, and waiting for it can be frustrating if you want to unlock chests or explore new areas. This guide covers how to use Blue Electric Fuses you find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to Activate Blue Electric Boxes in Jedi: Survivor

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Blue Electric Boxes is not an item that Cal can use by himself in Jedi: Survivor. It requires some teamwork, and thankfully, BD-1 is the droid to help you to use these items. The only way to activate and use the Blue Electric Fuses is by having BD-1 shoot it with a specific Electro Dart. This is an ability you can unlock as you play through the game, and makes it easier to explore Koboh.

How to Get BD-1 Electro Dart Ability in Jedi: Survivor

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The Electro Dart is not an ability that you unlock by spending Skill Points in the Skill Tree or finding it while exploring the world. Instead, the Electro Dart becomes available as you progress through the main story of Jedi: Survivor, and Cal directly adds this item to BD-1’s array of items.

This item is not an attack that you can use in combat. It is exclusively an exploration item, and it’s how you unlock the Red Chests in Jedi: Survivor and explore some of the locked doors preventing you from finding all of the collection items of a region.

The BD-1 Electro Dart unlocks when you reach during Jedi: Survivor’s Chapter 5 sequence, Compass Acquired, after you defeat Rayvis, and you’re going after Dagan to obtain the Compass. On your way to the Mountain Observatory, Cal and BD-1 find an Imperial Shuttle, and the Electro Dart is inside it. The item makes it easier to traverse the region, and you can now take it with you throughout the rest of the game.

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