Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the BotW Well-Worn Hair Band & Tunic of Memories Armor

Rock Link’s Breath of the Wild look with the Tunic of Memories and the Well-Worn Hair Band in Tears of the Kingdom. Discover their locations in this guide.

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Of the 36 total armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Tunic of Memories armor — once called the Champion’s Tunic in Breath of the Wild — remains one of the cleanest and best-looking sets in the game. To complete Link’s classic look in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll also need the Well-Worn Hair Band, the same one Link wore in his previous adventure. We’ll cover how to get both in this guide.

How to Get the Tunic of Memories Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

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Like the Champion’s Leathers, the armor Link was wearing at the start of Tears of the Kingdom, getting the Tunic of Memories — Link’s previous story set — is quite the adventure. However, instead of braving the horrors of Hyrule Castle, you’ll be plumping all corners of the Depths. Specifically, you need to find and interact with all six of the hidden Bargainer Statues down there and complete the A Call From the Depths Side Adventure to unlock the seventh Statue.

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Once you’ve found and prayed to all seven statues, they can combine their power to create the Tunic of Memories, the Dark Set, and the Set of the Depths. However, you still won’t get your reward for free.

Before you even set out to unlock all the Bargainer Statues, and as you find them and complete the Adventure, I recommend you collect as many Poes as you can because you’ll need 400 of them to buy the Tunic when the time comes.

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When you’ve saved up enough Poes, speak to any Bargainer Statue anywhere, including the one in Lookout Landing, and buy the Tunic, which comes with a base Defense of 4.

How to Get the Well-Worn Hair Band

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The Well-Worn Hair Band is much easier to get your hands on. Travel to Hateno Village in the southeast of Hyrule and go to Zelda and Link’s house at the village’s west end, near Firly Pond.

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There, you’ll find Zelda’s Secret Well, and after you jump down, her diary and a nearby treasure chest. The chest contains the Hair Band, which has a base Defense of 0, making it ultimately a sentimental or aesthetic choice rather than a functional one.

Combine the Tunic of Memories with the Well-Worn Hair Band and the Hylian Trousers to complete Link’s classic Breath of the Wild look, or do the same with the Champion’s Leathers for a more updated style. While there are no passive benefits to wearing it all, you do look good, and it has some of the best Defensive stats in the game.

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