Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get the Champion’s Leathers Armor

Tears of the Kingdom players have the chance to obtain Link’s iconic Champion’s Leathers armor early in the game.

Tears of the Kingdom champion's Leathers Armor

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players get a rough reset after starting the sequel. While fans begin the game with Link dressed in excellent armor and all stats maxed out, they will quickly find themselves low on hearts, stamina, and clothing – stripped of prize possessions like the Champion’s Leathers armor and non-decayed weapons.

However, it won’t take long to regain access to TotK’s iconic armor set, as it can be obtained only hours into the main storyline. Here is how to find Link’s missing Champion’s Leathers armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Champion’s Leathers Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Players can find the Champion’s Leathers armor in the Hyrule Castle Sanctum in the throne room.

Surprisingly, this area can be accessed almost immediately in Tears of the Kingdom, as players only need to unlock the Glider and access the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower to travel to The Hyrule Castle Sanctum.

How to Solve the Champion Leathers Armor Puzzle

Tears of the Kingdom Glider Hyrule Castle
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After crafting your Energizing Elixirs or Stamina-boosting snacks and traveling to the Hyrule Castle Sanctum in Tears of the Kingdom, players will need to land on the platform outside the throne room on Floor 1 of the castle.

Tears of the Kingdom Champions Leathers Armor Puzzle
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From here, enter the room and approach the set of stairs that ascends to the throne. Now, if you’re like me, you’ll notice the two braziers on either side of the staircase landing and immediately pull out something to light them with. As soon as this is done, a short cutscene will play, and the tomb behind the throne will slide open.

Tears of the Kingdom Champion's Leathers Chest
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Inside the tomb, players will find a silver chest. Open this to obtain the Champion’s Leathers armor.

This armor doesn’t come in a set, only offering Link a Tunic at level 5. However, when paired with any pair of trousers, the Tears of the Kingdom armor is a great option for early-game protection.

Tears of the Kingdom Champion's Leathers Armor Stats
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While it isn’t clear how this armor ended up in the Hyrule Castle Sanctum after Link’s dealing below the castle and up on the Great Sky Island, it is exciting to be able to track the Champion’s Leathers down so quickly, and add it back to Link’s Tears of the Kingdom Wardrobe.

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