Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get to Hyrule Castle Throne Room Early

With a bit of crafty thinking, players can reach Hyrule Castle as soon as they leave the Great Sky Island tutorial area for epic loot.

Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule Castle Sanctum

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Once players reach the ground in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are dozens of places to explore across Hyrule – from Kakariko village to the Hyrule Castle grounds. Unfortunately, unlike in the first game, it is much harder to get established and find decent weapons, making battles and exploration a daunting task.

However, for those who have unlocked the Skyview Tower at Lookout Landing, there is a surprising location you can access right from the start of the game – and it is absolutely worth the effort. Players can enter the Hyrule Castle Sanctum in Tears of the Kingdom almost immediately after completing the tutorial, and here are the steps to do it.

How to access the Hyrule Castle Sanctum early in Tears of the Kingdom

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For most Zelda fans, the idea of crashing into the same location that held Calamity Ganon in the previous game may not be at the top of their list. After all, anything could be lurking in there. However, if you made a fantastic mistake as I did, you might end up at the Hyrule Castle Sanctum entrance without meaning to.

The first step to getting to the Hyrule Castle Sanctum in Tears of the Kingdom is unlocking Lookout Landing’s Skyview Tower and obtaining the paraglider from Purah. After this, players can put their Stambulbs and Stamella Shrooms to work at the cooking pot located in the Emergency Shelter underneath Looking Landing. After cooking several Stamina recovery dishes, or mixing some Stamina Elixirs, players can head back to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.

Tears of the Kingdom Glider Hyrule Castle
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The second step to reaching the Hyrule Castle Sanctum in Tears of the Kingdom requires players to launch themselves back into the air using the Skyview Tower’s jump pad. My original goal was to see how far out into the map I could get before running out of stamina, but once in the air, I realized that if I pointed myself north, I had a perfect view of Hyrule Castle floating above the ground.

Line Link up up to travel north on the compass, using the stamina dishes to replenish the meter as it runs low. I was able to reach the castle without any stamina wheel upgrades, just using the dishes and elixirs. You’ll need to drop several hundred feet by releasing and triggering the Glider, otherwise you might just float right over it.

To land at the Hyrule Castle Sanctum entrance, you’ll want to aim for the map coordinates -0253, 0956, and 0388. From here, drop onto the platform to walk into the iconic Tears of the Kingdom location.

Hyrule Castle loot in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom players will notice there are no enemies inside the Hyrule Castle Sanctum. In fact, I was surprised to find I could explore the entire castle with basically no interruptions. Because of this, I was able to locate high-level swords and armor. This included Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard bows with a base level of 50, a Royal Guard Shield with a base level of 70, and Royal Guard weapons like the Claymore at level 32 and Sword at level 22 just lying on the floor of the sanctum.

Tears of the Kingdom Royal Guard Bow
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Fans can also locate the Champion’s Leathers in the Sanctum, adding to the many exciting armor styles included in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The high-level gear is perfect for getting a head start down on the ground as you search for Princess Zelda.

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