Tears of the Kingdom – How to Fast Travel

Tears of the Kingdom offers speedy transportation via fast travel, but players must finish several tasks to unlock it.

Princess Zelda apparition in Tears of the Kingdom

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Like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before it, Tears of the Kingdom has a gargantuan world map that is filled with activities to perform, enemies to slay, and treasure to find. To help Link save time, it’s possible to Fast Travel between locations, though the player doesn’t have access to it straight away.

Tears of the Kingdom starts off with a lengthy tutorial section, where Link is trapped on the Great Sky Island. Here, the player must come to grips with the new powers essential for exploring Hyrule, such as the Ultrahand and Ascend. Unfortunately, Link has to do a lot of running around, as they have neither Fast Travel nor mounts to ride during this game segment.

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How To Unlock Fast Travel In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

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Luckily, it should only take an hour or two of play before you unlock Fast Travel in Tears of the Kingdom. You will eventually unlock the Temple of Time as you complete the different Shrines on the Great Sky Island. Here, Link cannot open a door and is told by Rauru that there is one more Shrine remaining. This will unlock the Fast Travel ability, which is used through the map.

Once a player finds a Shrine, it will appear as a blue icon on the map. These Shrines (and similar sites) are the Fast Travel points in Tears of the Kingdom, allowing Link to quickly traverse the world map without running everywhere. This is why it’s always worth approaching a Shrine, even if you’re busy, just to unlock it on the map. Bear in mind that you need to open the door of the Shrine for it to appear as a Fast Travel point on the map, but you don’t need to enter.

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It’s a shame that Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t allow you to Fast Travel from the start, as it would have removed some of the annoying back-tracking from Great Sky Island, but at least the player doesn’t have to wait long to use it. Once Fast Travel is unlocked, don’t be afraid to use it to zip all over Hyrule, as there is a lot to do in Tears of the Kingdom, especially for those who want to 100% the game.

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