Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find Malanya The Horse God

Hyrule has many mythical beings Link can meet, but none is more impactful to Tears of the Kingdom’s story than Malanya.


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Malanya, also known as The Horse God, is technically one of the Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom. Link finds it inside a giant bud, but it’s almost menacing in its appearance and the way it addresses him. The deity has an incredible power that’s arguably the most useful in the game, horse resurrection and stat improvement. This guide explains where to find Manalya, and what players need to do to take advantage of its power.

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Where is Malanya The Horse God in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Malanya is located on the eastern side of Hyrule in the Death Mountain region of Tears of the Kingdom at map coordinates 4348, 3096, 0190.

It’s quite easy to find because the region doesn’t have a climate that limits how far Link can explore due to external factors like temperature. However, we soared off the edge of the map using our glider once when trying to reach Malanya because we wanted to dodge a group of Moblins. We can safely say that the Moblins would have been a better bet than climbing the edge of the map for 10 minutes.

How to Unlock Malanya The Horse God in Tears of the Kingdom

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When Link finds the giant Tears of the Kingdom fairy bud where Malanya resides, he’ll need to give it an Endura Carrot. Without one of these, players can’t use Malanya’s power to resurrect horses or improve their stats. Once Link has given Malanya what it needs, it’ll burst out of the bud. It says that it’ll grant Link’s wishes in exchange for meals, meaning every time players want to improve their horses or resurrect them, they must deliver a meal to Malanya.

How to Get Endura Carrots in Tears of the Kingdom

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Link can get Endura Carrots by completing side quests or finding them near Cherry Blossom Trees and Great Fairies.

The area around a Great Fairy can hold an Endura Carrot, but the most reliable ways to get them in Tears of the Kingdom that we’ve experienced are from quests. There’s one close to Malanya’s location at East Akkala Stable. A character there called Aya will give Link the side quest The Gathering Pirates. Completing this side quest will net players an Endura Carrot and a substantial amount of Rupees. See below for a map reference for East Akkala Stable’s location at map coordinates 4236, 2727, and 0125.

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The alternative to completing side quests is to find Endura Carrots in the wild. There’s a Cherry Blossom Tree east of Lookout Landing that’s perfect, but Link will need to travel a long way if this is where players want to get their offering to Malanya in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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