Tears of the Kingdom – How to Get To Sikatag Lightroot

The Sikatag Lightroot is a tricky location to reach in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you how to get there.

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The Lightroots you can find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are some of the most helpful locations to come across while exploring the Depths. These large, root-like structures create a large blossom of light, making it much easier to navigate the underground regions. However, some Lightroots are tricky to track down, like the Sikatag Lightroot.

I found that the Sikatag Lightroot is one of the tougher ones to discover because of its placement. It’s blocked off from all sides, and the only way to reach it is by coming from the surface, but the location is hidden. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Sikatag Lightroot location in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find The Sikatag Lightroot and the Abandoned Hebra Mine in TotK

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The position of the Sikatag Lightroot places it in the northwest part of Tears of the Kingdom. It’s going to be in the upper area, blocked off from all sides. When looking at this region on the surface, I noticed it lined up with the Rito Village, one of the starting locations you can choose to visit while playing. I went over here and began scouring the village for the hidden entrance to the Depths beneath it.

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It took me a bit of time, but I was finally able to discover the cave entrance, which led me to a massive chasm underneath Rito Village in Tears of the Kingdom. It turns out that this location is on the side of the mountain, in Rito Village, to the south. It’s close to where you can find the armorsmith vendor.

I was able to reach this location by using my glider to jump off the side of Rito Village and fly into it. There were no blocked-off walls preventing me from getting through, which made exploring this area that much easier.

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The way down is extremely straightforward from here. It’s a large chasm with Gloom on the sides of it, and I had to dive straight down. However, it’s not a huge hole, so I didn’t want to continue diving for too long to reach the bottom, which contained several Poes on the bottom.

Now, the last thing I had to do was find the Sikatag Lightroot, and go underneath it, activating it. The light did not do much to light up the surrounding area, but it revealed everything in the Abandoned Hebra Mines, bringing me one step closer to finding all of the Lightroots in Tears of the Kingdom.

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