What are makeshift weapons in Fortnite

The basis of everything.

Much has changed in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, including the introduction of Makeshift Weapons. They serve two purposes in the game, which we will run through in this article.

First, they are weapons, which should be obvious. Makeshift weapons can spawn as Common or Uncommon rarities, and are some of the most basic weapons in the game. They are fine, but will be easily outworked by higher rarity weapons in a gunfight.

The real interesting aspect of Makeshift Weapons is that they can be used in crafting. If you have a makeshift weapon, and the right resources, you can make Mechanical and Primal weapons that will have improved stats over the more basic makeshift versions.

You need bones that you can get by hunting animals to make Primal Weapons, and mechanical parts from cars, trucks, and buses to make Mechanical weapons.

You can find Makeshift Weapons as ground loot or from chests, the same way as any other weapon. They will be fine at the start of the game, but we strong advise upgrading them as soon as you have the correct materials.

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