What Gym types are in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Answered

Who’s holding the badges in Paldea?

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Reaching the Gym in each city and taking on its leader is a time-honored tradition in the Pokémon series. Past generations have seen trainers go up against classics like Brock and Misty and modern favorites like Marnie and Raihan. Scarlet and Violet are no different, offering a series of Gym Leaders of their own.

There are some big changes: Gym Leaders and story progression work differently from previous Pokémon games. This time, you can challenge the leaders in any order as you freely explore the Paldea region. There are eight Gym Leaders in total, as usual. If you want to know what types you’ll be going up against, we’ve got you covered. We won’t spoil their full Pokémon team lineups, but you can see a handy map with all of their locations right here.

All Gym Types in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


First up alphabetically (though you can, of course, approach them in any order), is the Bug-type Gym. You’ll find it in the city of Cortonodo, where you can take on Gym Leader Katy.


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The Electric-type Gym is found in Levinica, and its Leader is Iono, a streamer and influencer whose partner Pokémon is the big squishy Bellibolt. She’s been a fan favorite since she debuted in a pre-release trailer.


There are quite a few new Ghost Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet, so it’s fitting that there’s a Ghost-type Gym too. You’ll find it in Montenevera, where you can challenge Ryme.


As you’d expect, there’s a Grass Gym in Gen 9 too. It’s found in Artazon and led by Brassius (seen at the top of this article). Brassius’ Gym Challenge involves rounding up stray Sunflora, but you won’t actually find any of those on his team. He does send out a Smoliv, a new addition for this generation.


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Next up is the Ice-type Gym, found in Glaseado and led by Grusha. His partner Pokémon is also a newcomer, the land whale Cetitan. Similar to Iono, Grusha has already become a popular new character this generation.


Normal-type Pokémon might not always get the spotlight, but they have been the focus of a few Gyms in past games. For Scarlet and Violet, you’ll be able to battle Larry on his home turf, Medali.


Despite being named after a flower, Tulip is actually a Psychic-type Gym Leader. You’ll find the purple-haired Pokémon trainer and her gym in the city of Alfornada.


Finally (in alphabetical order, at least), we have the Water Gym. It’s located in the lovely-sounding Cascarrafa, and it’s run by the husky Kofu.