GTA V Weapon Wheel HUD Added to GTA IV via Mod, Improve Weapons Switching

Recently released gameplay trailer of GTA V showed tons of new features, one of them was "Weapon Wheel HUD". Thanks to modder "M. Wojtanis", GTA IV gamers can add this Weapon Wheel HUD via a mod to their game.

GTA V Weapon Wheel HUD

This Wheel Hud mod works great and makes weapon switching faster than before. Here is what the creator of this mod have to say:

"The weapon wheel as seen in the GTA 5 gameplay trailer it actually works and makes for faster switching only complaint I have is that the mouse is very sensitive so it's hard to hit the right button, but this is amazing it looks exactly like the wheel in GTA V".

You can check out the video footage below showcasing how Weapon Wheel Hud works in GTA IV. You can download the mod HERE.

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