Forza Horizon 5 launch continues to break more records for Xbox, reaching 4.5 million players

It’s really hit the gas.

Image via Forza

In our Forza Horizon 5 review, we said the game is staying on the right path — and that path has led it right to some new records for Xbox. In fact, it’s had the biggest launch of any Xbox Game Studios title.

This was already the case when it passed 3 million players on day one, and the new number for launch day is even higher. Xbox head Phil Spencer tweeted that Forza Horizon 5 totaled more than 4.5 million players on its first day on PC and Xbox consoles. On top of that, its peak number of concurrent players on launch day was three times the highest ever seen by Forza Horizon 4.

It should be noted that Horizon 5, like all first-party Xbox games, was available on Game Pass day one. Considering that any subscriber on PC and Xbox can hop right in and give the new racing game a try, it was certainly a factor in reaching these impressive numbers. The game also supports crossplay, so drivers on either platform can race together.

If you’re one of those 4.5 million players racing around with your friends, you may want a few tips. We can help you get XP and level up, unlock drift zones, and unlock new Horizon Adventure chapters if you need an assist. If you’ve had issues installing the game, we can help you fix that too.